Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aunty Leoning

I finally got to talk to my aunty today.  She sounded a bit rough and she was clearly struggling a little with every breath.  She is in much better shape now though compared to 2 weeks ago.  Her recovery has been very rapid.  She's actually back home on Maui now and instead of staying at our house, she's staying at her son's house for the time being so that she doesn't have to climb up our stairs all the time.

The procedure they did on her was pretty risky to say the least.  Any surgery involving the heart is pretty risky.  Her aorta was fully calcified and needed to be replaced.  She also had to replace a valve.  They cooled her body down and stopped her heart while they performed surgery.  She was literally "dead" for 5 hours while they fixed everything in there.

I can't even imagine all the thoughts that would be going through my mind if I had to go through someone like that.  This was her second surgery on her heart, the 1st being a bypass surgery.  Hopefully this surgery was able to buy her just a little bit more time here on this Earth.  I'm just really thankful to the Lord for keeping her safe and answering all our prayers on her behalf.

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