Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shakefire Rocks My Socks

I'm playing an all-night contest thing on  ... I've won a bunch of super random things so far, so I want to keep track of what I've won so I know what I can look forward to.  Haha.  Here's the list so far.
  • Dark Knight collector pin set
  • Tale of the Despereaux lunch box
  • Pink Super Bad trucker hat
  • Shorts Frisbee
  • Leather GHOST RIDER wallet with chain
  • Speed Racer pins
  • Random movie shirt
  • Push Play hat
  • The Ugly Truth wife beater (L)
  • Back To The Future Blue Fanny Pack
Awww & the night ended prematurely :(  They were experiencing massive hits to the site and the server couldn't handle all the traffic. Darn!  I did manage to scoop up a decent amount of prizes though :)  I had a lot of fun playing!  Hehe.  Can't wait till they all get here!  I'm especially excited for my lunch box :D

Last night, Jared called me and asked if I wanted to accompany him to a 'Party' .. guess he didn't want to be the only old fart there.  Haha!  i didn't have anything planned so I agreed.  He picked me up and we hung out at Kara & KeiLyn's for a bit.  Brendan guys' met up with us there as well.  We just conversed over some drinks & a few shots before heading out to Marcus'.  Peter brought over the doggies while he was out running for a little bit.  They were so excited to be outside!  Haha.  After that we headed over to Marcus' and just chilled, smoked some hookah (love!), and caught up with some friends.  All in all, it was a pretty fun night.  The parties these days in good ol' Greeley simply just don't compare to the ragers of back in the day ;)

The noise outside woke me up bright and early this morning and I had a really hard time going back to sleep.  I didn't drink enough water last night, so I had a headache!  Sleep couldn't come soon enough.  Thankfully, I managed to sleep off any signs of a hangover.  I was so hungry this afternoon, I ended up cooking some pork adobo!  I must say, I think I'm actually getting the hang of cooking.  My mother always made it look so easy and made it SOUND easy as well.  Perhaps I was just never confident in my abilities to cook?  I did have quite a few disasters early on.. especially with things being WAY TOO SALTY!  Now, I think things have changed.  My adobo tasted fairly similar to hers!!  I couldn't be more happier.  I just need to get a few more ingredients to make it exact!  

Well.. now, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.  Peter should be coming home soon, so I suppose I'll just bum around till then.  We'll be heading to the hot springs tomorrow!

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