Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sleep Talking Man

It's almost 4AM, but because I am cracking up so much right now, I need to share this with everyone.  This couple was featured on Yahoo news a few days ago and it was just so full of 'WIN' that I had to go check it out for myself online.  I found their blog and have been cracking up with every single entry.  No joke.

A British man, a voice activated recorder, & a plethora of dreams make for some great entertainment.  He talks in his sleep and oh man you simply can't make this stuff up.  The best part is that they put up some actual audio of him sleep talking.  It just adds so much more when you hear it.  I know I'll have to share it with peter in the morning.  

I don't know think I could ever sleep if Peter talked like this in his sleep.  I would be laughing so much, I just wouldn't be able to contain myself and relax enough to get some sleep.  So go check it out!  I've had many many laughs thus far.

Lastly, I read this article tonight and it's just so super cute I have to share it :)  I have a soft spot in my heart for dogs.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

December Wins & some of January.

It's more than half-way through January already!  Where does the time go? Well, as I said before I had a pretty good December.  With my brother & his girlfriend being here and all the traveling that we did, it was a really good time.  I'm glad they finally got to see snow!  What also made December great was all the wins that I managed to get even with entries dwindling off while my brother guys were here.  

In December, I started a separate Twitter account for sweepstakes.  Twitter has been VERY good to me sweepstakes-wise.  Here are my wins for December (a majority from Twitter) @ symbols denote Twitter wins and who they are from.
  • 12/1 - $15 BestBuy GC - MCR
  • 12/3 - Pantech Impact cell phone - @PantechUSA
  • 12/4 - DJ Hero game XBOX 360 - MCR
  • 12/4 -  $5 FYE GC - @fyeguy
  • 12/7 - $100 GC - @Ticketmaster
  • 12/12 - SRS iWOW Premium - @MyBellaMia
  • 12/14 - $100 FYE GC - @fyeguy
  • 12/14 - Avatar Thrill Pack - @McDonalds
  • 12/15 - $50 NFLshop GC - @shopcybermonday
  • 12/17-  Mario Kart Wii - @GamerHotline
  • 12/23 - Official NFL Football - @SportsAuthority
  • 12/29 - Swatch watch - @SwatchUS
  • 12/30 - Dell Mini 10v Netbook - @ChaCha
The best part about Twitter wins?  They come SO fast!  I've already received everything EXCEPT my Ticketmaster win.  I need to check up on that and see what's up.  I figure I'll give them a month before I contact them again?  We'll see.

January started off really slow for me sweeps-wise, but it finally started picking up last week!  In less than a week I managed to win 2 iPod Touches (!!!).  I know, I've won all my iPods (and I got the one I won replaced less than 6 months ago with a brand new one for free!) .. someone loves me up there ^^^ really.

Anyhow, I was REALLY stoked to find out I won an iPod via @SRSLabs on Friday.  It was a random drawing so that was cool.  BUT I was already entering another iPod contest via @FIRE_Music.  I felt I had a really good chance at it.  They mentioned to *be creative* about WHY you should win and also hinted that giving them ideas for album names may have something to do with you winning (they have since deleted that Tweet though.. lol). I took it to heart & provided album names for them everyday until closing day.  I came up with 70+ album name ideas, wrote haiku poems.  I even downloaded their album and have been listening to it since.  

I thought people would catch on to what I was doing.  I figure if they really wanted to win they would get creative.  No one really did.  I just kept seeing my "original" tweets regurgitated all over the Twitterverse.  I had a good feeling about my chances of winning once they started following me.  They even replied at the same exact time I sent them a message (it was really strange. our msg's matched so well I thought they replied to me REALLY quickly) ... could it be fate?!  Haha.  Anyway, I spent HOURS thinking & researching possible album names.  I got a lot of my ideas from previous bible lessons I've had & just knowledge I already possessed.  I'm hoping they were able to get some ideas. It would be even cooler if they used one for their next album!

Overall, I felt it was a well deserved win & I really don't care what the others thought.  I saw messages being posted & then deleted.  Silly people.  It's funny how petty people can be.  They never said it was going to be random, dears.  They blatantly asked, "why do you deserve to win?"  Haha. Take your haterade and move along.

My hard work paid off and above all, I found a Christian band that I really honestly do enjoy listening to.  I took the time to visit their website, listen to their music, & do my research.  I know I'll continue to listen to them and I'll even sing one of their songs at Church this summer :)  [take note, I am not a singer].  I'm really excited to receive their signed CD (!!) and the iPod Touch.  It'll be an upgrade at the very least :)  

So, thank you FIRE for the CD & iPod and allowing my creative juices to get going.  It really hasn't been used in a long time.  I needed that.  Also, thank you for your music and spreading His message.  I watched your video, don't worry, you've definitely found a fan :)

Check out FIRE!
  • Download FREE album:
  • Website:
  • Myspace:
  • Twitter:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Everybody Loves Raymond Episode

This is just a side note... an afterthought of all things I've been wanting to post about these past weeks.  I just never come around to actually finishing a post and hitting "publish."  I've had many adventures over the past few weeks and many great lucky days I'd like to post about.... I will get to those eventually.  Haha.  What I really wanted to post about at the moment.. 

Have you ever watched that "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode where Debra finds a tape that Ray kept from 1982 with a recording of his then-girlfriend breaking up with him?  Then this whole ordeal blows up where Ray wants to share all the things they've kept from past lovers.  

Yeah, so I watched that episode the other week and I was just thinking about all the things that I have kept that past boys of interest have given me.  It's just a funny thought.  I wonder what Peter would say or think if I told him who certain things were from and their significance.  LOL.  I still wear & use some of those things and so does PETER!  Unknowingly of course.  Ahahah.  

Watching that episode also made me want to open up my own box of past memories.  Sadly, it's tucked away in my closet in Hawaii.  I honestly don't think it would bother Peter knowing that blankets, stuffed animals, etc. once had a significance.  As long as it doesn't mean anything anymore right?  I'm just kind of sentimental and like to keep those kinds of things.  Not that it means anything to me anymore, but it certainly does humor me and reminds me of some things that I may have forgotten :)

Here's to bigger, better 2010!  Just 2 more years until the end of the world. I keeeed! Do you really believe that?  Haha.  I must say, 2009 managed to pull a full 360 on me though.  If you know what went on my life in 2009, you know what I mean.  It went up, down, up, down, down down down, down, up, up, up.  Shall I call 2009 the essence of the Konami Code (*shows inner nerd)?  It certainly tested my strength and spirit.  THANK YOU to those that stuck with me & listened.  I don't go to many people about my life, so consider yourself lucky ;P 

Everything considered, I couldn't have ended 2009 on a higher note.  I was just extremely blessed and continue to be blessed everyday.  Needless to say, I was/am very lucky sweepstakes wise :)  I'll post more about those wins later. <3