Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aunty Leoning

I finally got to talk to my aunty today.  She sounded a bit rough and she was clearly struggling a little with every breath.  She is in much better shape now though compared to 2 weeks ago.  Her recovery has been very rapid.  She's actually back home on Maui now and instead of staying at our house, she's staying at her son's house for the time being so that she doesn't have to climb up our stairs all the time.

The procedure they did on her was pretty risky to say the least.  Any surgery involving the heart is pretty risky.  Her aorta was fully calcified and needed to be replaced.  She also had to replace a valve.  They cooled her body down and stopped her heart while they performed surgery.  She was literally "dead" for 5 hours while they fixed everything in there.

I can't even imagine all the thoughts that would be going through my mind if I had to go through someone like that.  This was her second surgery on her heart, the 1st being a bypass surgery.  Hopefully this surgery was able to buy her just a little bit more time here on this Earth.  I'm just really thankful to the Lord for keeping her safe and answering all our prayers on her behalf.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Out & About With Life.

I didn't mean to be MIA.  I just haven't been able to log-on to this thing for a while.  I actually missed blogging and reading other blogs.  I promise to sign-up for internet service within the next week.  Seriously.  LOL.  Besides, my promotional period for my G1 phone & 3G services are going to end in a couple of days.  I can't hijack the i-net from my phone for much longer. Boo!

So anyway, a slight recap of my life from the past 9 days.  I've actually been out & about a few times ;)  Let's play catch up.

Friday the 16th - Sushi 1 & Panera
Shari was in town visiting.  Shawn called me up to have lunch and they picked me up to head to Sushi 1.  We had some great conversations and did a lot of catching up.  Thankfully it wasn't busy at all.  We also scored dessert on-the-house, a banana lumpia (seriously) type dish w/ vanilla ice cream & graham cracker crumbles.  Sometimes it pays to know the owner & date the manager of the restaurant ;)

I hung out with Peter for a bit during his break.  Then, Shari, Layne, & I headed to Centerra to browse around for a bit.  We didn't buy anything, but I did fall inlove with a FourSquare snowboarding jacket.  Now that I'm reminded about it, I'd like to go back and purchase it.  Perhaps on Sunday?  I probably shouldn't, but it's only $99!  Hah.  

Then we headed over to Layne's house and hung out with the house around the dinner table.  Always nice to hang out with old friends.  Layne then treated Shari & I to dinner at Panera.  I've never had it before, but I enjoyed the onion soup & my sandwich.  I also liked the whole ambience of the place.

Saturday the 17th - Old Chicago's
Peter cooked some bacon & rice for breakfast.  Although, I can't quite remember why I was up early enough to even eat breakfast.  I intended to be productive, but instead I ended up entering a bunch of sweepstakes and Shawn called me to have some dinner with the boys.  I haven't hung out with Kevin & Jayson since Marcus', so I decided to go.  We headed to OC's and I just drank 2 long island iced teas and ate a big cookie a la mode.  Yum!  It was nice to reminisce and laugh about past shenanigans.  Once I got home, Peter & I just hung out and watched "Hitch."

Sunday the 18th - Denver + Chinese Restaurant
Peter spent the morning at Nathan's while I slept in... per the usual.  He brought home KFC for me to fill my tummy!  After that I started getting ready to head to Denver.  We got to Denver pretty early so went to Jamba Juice first and I tried the Fruity Pebbles flavor for the first time.  Dude making my drink looked unsure of how to make it, but it turned out pretty similar!  Then we headed to Target since we had more time.  I saw Guitar Hero World Tour game for $12, so I decided to buy it :)  Peter also got a movie, "Green Street Hooligans."

We met up with Peter's family at this chinese restaurant (I can't remember the name!  Peter took me there before) to celebrate his little sister's 22nd birthday.  It was interesting observing how everyone interacts with each other.  Peter's mother also always fails to remember I'm not Korean.  Although, my brain seems to think it understands Korean.  LOL.  It reminded me of how my cousin in London would speak to Peter in a Filipino language and Peter would just reply without realizing it.  All in all, the food was really good and so was the cake that Peter's brother bought.  

Once we got home we popped in the movie, "Green Street."  It's an independent film based on the futbol firms in England.  I enjoyed it quite a lot.  Charlie Hunnam is quite yummy in the movie.  There's something about the English that attracts me.  Must be the accent.  Seriously.  I'm dying to go back to England.  This movie didn't help.

Monday the 19th - Denver vs. Chargers @ OC's
Peter brought home some udon soup w/ shrimp tempura for lunch for me.  I am truly spoiled.  Hehe!  It was delicious.  Weirdly enough, my tooth started hurting really bad afterwards.  I couldn't function.  After Peter went back to work, I decided to sleep off the pain.  I texted Shawn to cancel on our plans for the night.

During my nap, someone knocked on the door... it was Pascal.  LOL.  I was a bit surprised he showed up.  I told Peter to tell him I was watching the game with the boys at Old Chicago's and that he was welcome to join us.  I didn't really expect him to accept.  I felt bad canceling on him since he was already here, so I decided to get changed quickly and we met up with the boys.  Skyler joined us this time and Kyama was there again too.  It was funny having all 7 of us crowded around such a little table at the bar.  Peter joined us for the last moments of the game.  BRONCOS WON!  We are now 6-0.  I am so glad I went.  It was a GREAT game.  After the game, Pascal, Shawn, & Kymana came over to drink some more and hang out.  Pascal must think I'm a lightweight or something since I have yet to drink more than a sip around him.  Lol.

Wednesday the 21st - Possible Employment!
The night before I was feeling really lucky for some reason.  It was moreso on the lines of perhaps winning some prizes, but the news I got was even better.  I received TWO call backs today (finally!!) for some openings I applied for.  The funny thing is, for one of those positions, I accidentally sent in an UNFINISHED cover letter.  As in, I wasn't done changing out the names, etc.  SO I had the header text correct, but the body of the cover letter still had ANOTHER companies name in it.  Yet, they still called back.  Awesome!  

The 1st call was from the Weld County School District and I scheduled to meet with the guy 'informally' the same day.  I kept saying "yah" during the interview.  I wanted to slap myself, but I couldn't STOP.  Seriously, WTF.  He gave me a lot of positive responses though and made it seem like he was trying to sell ME the job?  He told me he liked what he heard and would most likely call me back to schedule the real interview for next week.  He "wants to see how the others react to me."  In that case, I'll make it good!

Later that night I watched "Live Free or Die Hard" with Peter.  It was a pretty good movie!  The night before that (Tuesday) we watched "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and the night before that we watched "Transformers."  We're on a roll with watching movies huh?  

Thursday the 22nd - DirecTV hooked up!
After 3+ months of no cable, we finally got DirecTV hooked up!  It's actually not even fully hooked up yet, but the guy set us up for now.  He has to come back once the pole is set-up so that we get better reception.  Peter was pissing his pants with happiness once the TV got hooked up.  LOL.  I got a great deal for $19.99 a month -- 150+ channels -- 3 months of Showtime and some other things.  Peter now has access to 10+ sports-specific channels.  Honestly, there's so many channels I don't know what to watch.  I rarely ever watch TV anyway so I don't know what time things are on or any of that.  So far I've just watched old reruns, the food network, & the history channel.  Yep.

I also entered a good amount of Twitter contests, which I'm sure annoyed some of my 'followers.'  Honestly, those posts were nothing compared to some of the people I follow on my list.  LOL.  I'm just giving your twitter some action, guys ;)  Besides, it's quite an easy way to possibly win things.

Friday the 23rd - I'm In For Round 2!
Friday's are usually quiet on my end.  It's quite the opposite of what it used to be.  I woke up pretty late, 1pm to be exact.  I must've been cold.  When it's cold, I sleep like a bear.  I'm thankful I didn't have dreams like I did the past couple of days.  While I took a nap on Thursday, I had a good dream that suddenly turned sour.  I ended up dreaming that I beat the shit out of this bitch and I was compelled to physically throw a punch while I was dreaming as well.  My effort to throw that punch woke me up, of course.  That was probably the best.  I woke up pretty angry.  Haha!  

Anyway, Peter kept stepping on 'pokies' today so I ended up vacuuming everything.  I hate the fact that I have to vacuum twice a week because the dogs just shed too much.  Mostly Lexi.  I guess shaving her fur that one time wasn't such a good idea.  Ever since then she's shed like crazy.  I also finished up washing the rest of the dishes to make room on the counter and the sink.  I intended to cook beef mushroom for dinner, but the mushrooms prematurely went bad :(  They were slimy and looked sketchy.  I ended up cooking chopped steak with onions instead.  It turned out pretty good!  Just a little on the chewy side.  I don't know if a bit of freezer burn had something to do with that since I cooked it on LOW.  I still have much to learn in the world of cooking.

Oh, this afternoon, I did get a call back from the Weld County School District!  I scheduled my formal interview for Monday at 8AM.  I think being the first interviewees has a lot of benefits.  I plan on printing up some projects and perhaps also a portfolio of some work I've done.  This is an Administrative Assistant position w/ benefits and also serves as the back-up Substitute Secretary (which means, higher pay for the days she's absent!).  He said he's working on getting a raise for this position and made it seem like it was A LOT of work. I really don't mind.  I'd rather be kept busy at work than stay idle.  

I really hope I get this position.  I really want to get out of the house and be working full-time.  Starting at 7:30am doesn't really appeal much to me though, but hey, at least I'd be done by 4:30pm!  The place is also close enough for me to bike to.  I'm looking at getting a mountain bike something this week-- a used one, for cheap, until I can afford a better one.  

Lastly, tonight I bought 6 tickets to the Nuggets home opener!  They're playing the Utah Jazz on Wednesday and everyone in attendance will get a FREE LIFT TICKET TO COPPER MOUNTAIN & bam bams.  Yay!  I mostly want to go for the lift ticket.  Haha.  I love Copper, but an $80 day pass isn't quite affordable at the moment.  So on Wednesday, it'll be Me, Peter, Shawn, Pascal, Jayson & his date (?).  Just me and the boys!  I finally get to wear my Billups jersey too!  I'll probably slap Jay if he wears anything Jazz related.  For serious.

Yes, I totally wrote a novel.  I told ya I missed blogging!  It's like my daily record of my life.  Surprisingly, I've been out and about huh?  Hahah!  You know, I think I just really need to start hanging out with the friends I have here before they all start leaving.  Peter & I were reflecting just a few weeks ago how we're kind of alone here.  Then it turned out his childhood friend lived right across the street.  It's just really nice to actually have people to watch the football games with now!  Maybe I'll start branching out and start inviting more kids to come out when the opportunity arises.

And I just realized, wasn't I supposed to go on a beer tour today?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Build-A-Bear Frankie Poo

The great thing about my boyfriend -- he always humors my childish nature and my want need to indulge in anything and everything that induces childhood euphoria.  Even if that entails poking, tickling, and scaring him every chance I get.  Although, he now flinches/jerks after every slight movement I make, thinking I've got something planned under my sleeve, but what are ya gonna do?  I keep him on his toes ;) 

I am quite notorious for trying to scare people.  If you're a good friend of mine, chances are I've probably tried to scare you at least once during our friendship.  It is also very likely that I've gotten you REAL good (Jalene? Lol) ... HAHAH.  I am seriously going to start taking videos of the moments I try to scare Peter I've gotten him SO good these past weeks.  I am cracking up just thinking about it.  The great part is, no matter how scared he gets, we both get a laugh out of it. Mostly me of course.  One instance:
As Peter prepared some food to cook, I snuck into the kitchen while he grabbed things out of the fridge.  He stood up and was awfully close to seeing me... so as he halfway closed the door, I pounced up and screamed "BOOO!"  Oh man, I laughed so hard.  I'm a ninja.
Now, we originally planned to go to the mountains today so I could bask in the autumn beauty, but he got off of work late and it was pretty windy.  You think the leaves would still be pretty shades of gold & red?  Man, I always miss autumn in the mountains.  Maybe one day.

Instead, we horsed around for a bit.  I played with my prizes from Shakefire.  I am inLOVE with my Tale of the Despereaux lunchbox!  It's tin, like I wanted, and just pretty nifty.  Peter likes it too!  We finally got off our butts once it started getting dark and headed over to Shops at Centerra.  We headed directly towards the Build-A-Bear store!  I can't tell you how excited I get everytime.  We went there with the intention of getting me a Pander bear (panda), but they didn't have the one I wanted.  Peter suggested I get the Polar Bear and after much deliberation, I did!  Hehe.  I think I overstuffed him though, I hope I can go back and getting him.. unstuffed?  Lol.  But I love him none-the-less!  We named my new bear Frankie.  He's a cute one!

I also got the simple Chocolate Cub bear for a future Christmas gift for my mom.  I think she'd like it.  His name is Sammie.  I think I might go back again and get another bear for my bro's girlfriend, Dianne.  Peter & I paid seperately so that we could take advantage of the $5 off $10+ bears.  We got two bears for under $20!  Not too bad.  My Build-A-Bear army is now 4 strong!  Champ, Mo, (Crap I forgot her name), & Frankie.  Yes, I name all my stuffed animals.  Yes, I still remember all my stuffed animals names from when I was 3 years old.  Did I mention I'm a kid?

After that, we had Pho in Loveland for dinner.  Wish they had a Pho place in Greeley.  Perhaps I'll need to just open one here.  Haha.  It was delicious!  I love Bo Vien.  Yum Yum.  Peter has definitely influenced my palette over the years.  Now it's my turn!  I'm going to cook him all these Filipino dishes and probably cause a premature heartattack in the future.

Once we got home, I shredded all the chicken breast that I boiled earlier for chicken sandwiches while we watched Wedding Crashers.  Chicken, mayo, & pineapples!  It was my first time making the mix, once again based on what my mom makes, and it was delicious!  I made myself 2 sandwiches and have a whole tupperwear full for more sandwiches over the next couple of days.  I am on a cooking spree!

So.. time w/ bf, build-a-bear, meatball pho, chicken sandwiches, & wedding crashers.  Life is where it should be.

Did I mention that today I finally set-up a date to install TV?  I can honestly do without TV, but Peter's been dying without it.  LOL.  150+ channels, 9 channels of showtime for 3 months, free install, free ship, free year of service coverage -- $19.99 for 12 months.  Not bad.  I got the runaround with DirectTV afterwards though since the rep that setup my account gave me 'wrong information' .. Last rep I talked to didn't help me too much, but at least we had a nice convo about Colorado, snowboarding, skateboarding, & huskies.  HAH!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

32 Months & Counting

Happy 2 years and 8 months to Peter & I!  32 months, wow, where has all the time gone?  That's practically an eternity to be with a person... Hahah.  Seriously.  

Anyway, tonight I attempted my mom's Pork & Peas recipe.  I picked up a ~5lb bag of pork butt the other night for $5.50 so I made a big batch!  I'm always scared to try out new recipes, but so far so good.  I haven't experienced too many blunders and I am quite pleased with myself.  Considering the fact that my mom does not go off of cookbooks, she just tells me the ingredients & procedures with no precise measurements (lbs, tbsp, etc.), I'm getting better at guesstimating!  Now, my pork & peas didn't taste exactly like mi madre's, but it was quite similar.  Peter loved it and went back for seconds.  I'd say mission = success.  We also have enough left overs for a meal or two!  Yay.

Up next, I'll try my hand at Beef Mushroom.  I'm slowly building up my portfolio of dishes guys!

In other news, I received my tickets from today.  5 tix to Denver Nuggets vs. Dallas Mavericks in December!  I took advantage of the Family Night deal for when my family comes up for Christmas.  For a total of $110.00 I got:

  • 5 game tickets - 3rd level, 2nd row seating
  • 5 pepsis
  • 5 meals: choice of hot dog, pizza, nacho deluxe, salad, philly cheese steak, hamburger, or chicken tenders w/ fries
I tried finding tix to a Broncos game as well, but getting 5 seated together at a decent price is nearly impossible!  Hopefully I'll win the Canon Sweepstakes and win 4 tix to a game & a camera!  I saw that camera last night at Best Buy and it is freakin` beautiful.  I wanted to cry.  15MP, IS lens, ahhh.  I want!

I've gotten myself back into sweepstakes this past week, so hopefully I'll be getting some decent wins in the near future :)  So far this month I've managed to snag some things here and there.
  • 2 tix to a Denver Nuggets preseason game (but I never claimed them since I couldn't go)
  • Dark Knight collector pin set
  • Tale of the Despereaux lunch box
  • Pink Super Bad trucker hat
  • Shorts Frisbee
  • Leather GHOST RIDER wallet with chain
  • Speed Racer pins
  • Random movie shirt
  • Push Play hat
  • The Ugly Truth wife beater (L)
  • Back To The Future Blue Fanny Pack
  • Snow White Blu-ray combo pack with DVD
I missed a package  yesterday when Peter & I went to watch "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs."  (It's just an "OK" movie, btw.  I think I was expecting too much.  We should've watched Inglorious Basterds instead!)  I hope it's all my goodies from Shakefire!  We're planning on maybe going to the mountains tomorrow, but hopefully I don't miss it.

Thank you Lord for all your blessings and being with my aunty today.  I could never fathom the depth of Your love.  Your love truly knows no boundaries.  (More on this later...)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Early Snow Days.

This is what I woke up to the other morning.  Yippeee!  I didn't go out and play in it though.. it was too damn cold!  Lol.  It wasn't enough snow to make a good-sized snowman either.  I'll hold out on my snowman for now.  It's been really cold and it doesn't look like the weather will let up very much this winter.  I'm expecting tons and tons of snow this season!  Yay.  I love snow.  I just can't stand being cold.  I am a walking contradiction.  At least I'm not dying of heatstroke like the rest of the kids in Hawaii.  Hahahah ;)

In other news.. anyone watch/hear the Broncos vs. Patriots game yesterday?  We're 5-0, b&tches!!  Who woulda thunk?  After a less than spectacular preseason, the Broncos have bounced back and keeping a 5 game winning streak.  Yesterday's game was a game of epic proportions.  The protege (Broncos coach, Josh McDaniels) pitted against the mentor (Patriots coach, Bill Belichick).  This game also had the potential to solidify the Broncos spot as an up-and-coming team this season, to quiet all the nay-sayers.  Of course, people will still hate, but what are you going to do?  I have to admit, I wasn't very optimistic about the team this season, but I remained hopeful.  We have a tough schedule ahead of us and I hope the Broncos continue to do well!  The offense and defense are looking pretty solid!  Cross your fingers for me that I win the Canon Sweepstakes so I can win a camera and shoot photos the Broncos on the sidelines!!  Hehe.

I forgot to mention earlier, I think my brain is going crazy.  Last night by far showcased the weirdest dream I have ever had.  Peter & I had twins, a boy & a girl, I think.  They were half human, wait for it..., half dogs.  Yes, dogs.  They looked like regular babies, but with white, brown, & black hairs/fur.  I dreamt of going to a grad party of an 'online friend' who was pretty well off.  She denied access to people that were only invited to the 'formal' grad party since the 1st party was just for good friends.  At the formal party, she hired singers, young children, that created music by rubbing the rims of cups and singing along.  Think on the lines of church choir children & classical music.  The formal party turned into a theme park-ish kind of vibe by the shore.  There was a merry-go-round and a reggae band performing (if only I could remember that song!).  During the performance, beyond the cliff, a huge tidal wave started heading towards us.  We all managed the first set, but then an even bigger wave followed.... That as far as I remember. Weird.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Saw the headline within minutes of it breaking the news...  "Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize."   Ever since then, Obama and everything nobel prize related became a trending topic on Twitter .  The story made front page on every search engine out there and every other news agency.  Facebook status' slowly trickled in congratulating the President, etc.

Now, I'm not really one for politics... let's just get that out there.  I choose not to get involved in discussions and don't have much of a passion for it.  I do however enjoy reading the news and be "in-the-know" about world happenings.  My first reaction to this news was give or take "What?  WTF?  He didn't even do anything yet!"  

Don't get me wrong, I voted for the guy, but... something struck me as awkward (?) or wrong (?) about this whole thing.  He is still in the infancy of his presidency, 10 months to be exact.  He's made great leaps and bounds in terms of foreign policy thus far, but we have yet to see the fruits of his labor.  What has he done to warrant this highly prestigious award?  He was nominated for the prize within 2 weeks of taking office.  Seriously?  I'll stay optimistic, but I think there were much more people deserving of this award.

This commentary by Aaron Miller - Commentary: Obama's prize doesn't 'feel right' - basically covers my whole thought process.  An excerpt from his closing...
"The award says more about the world's love affair with Barack Obama and its collective sigh of relief that George W. Bush is gone than it does about the president's substantive foreign policy accomplishments. And in the end, America doesn't want to be loved by the world; we want to be admired and respected, and that will depend not on celebrity, process or celebration that the Democrats are back in office, but on real foreign policy accomplishments."

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Snow.

I woke up today and found a text from Peter stating, "It's Snowing!! Love you."  It was freezing once I gathered the strength to get out of bed.  30 minutes passed since Peter initially texted me, but I was hopeful.  Unfortunately, I MISSED THE SNOW!  I was pretty disappointed.  Luckily, the snow gods decided to be gracious and granted me another snowfall later in the afternoon.  SO much snow was falling and in big chunks!  I managed to snap some photos, but they just didn't do the scene justice.  I really hoped it would just keep snowing and that the snow would stick to the ground.  Oh well, perhaps next time.  I just really want to make a snowman.  I have a huge front yard just waiting to college all that snowy goodness!

In other news, I posted on Twitter that I managed to tether my G1 phone to Peter's laptop in order to access the internet.  Essentially, I turned my G1 into a portable modem, which was nice!  I should've done that earlier and it was so simple!  The connection however wasn't THAT fast at all.  I thought it was normal at first, but after more research, things weren't adding up!  I finally figured out that my phone is connected to the EDGE network, not the higher speed 3G network.  UGH!  I checked T-mobile's coverage and I am well within range of the 3G network.  I played around with the settings, etc.  still on EDGE.  Now I am thinking it's my SIM.  Yes, old SIM works fine, I get internet, etc. etc. but not 3G.  I just never noticed since well, I broke the damn phone within 2 weeks of using it.  That's the only other possible factor I can think of since someone else had the same issue.  My SIM is about 7 (maybe 8) years old!  Definitely time for an upgrade.  I've been with T-mobile for almost 11 years.  Crazy!  My promo period is about to end with them in a couple of weeks... I'm itching to get the myTouch.  Maybe for Christmas?  Hehe.  Or I'll just try to win it :)

Speaking of sweepstakes.. I think I'm going to enter THIS sweep.  Considering NO ONE followed the rules/directions, I think I got pretty good chances at the prize(s)!  LOL.  I figure it'll be a fun way to present my photos from London anyhow.  It'll be like a coffee table book of sorts.  I just need to order the kit to get started.  I was chuckling the whole time while looking at the entries.  The sweep will be done at the end of the month, so chances are good!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fried Brains. Annoying kids.

It took me 3 days to finish this blog... lol.  Having it saved as a "draft" finally got me to finish it.  Now I have to change all the dates/tense to the present .. or past.  I was meaning to update this blog on Sunday/Monday morning, but I didn't get around to finishing.

My brain was completely fried from trying to think in Tagalog for a couple of hours on Sunday night.  Haha.  I sent an extremely long e-mail in response to a friend!  I had a good laugh writing all those stories up though.  The dramas in life are only dramas for the moment.  After time passes, we can look back not with contempt, but with a sigh of relief.  You can finally laugh at those moments. At least, I can!  Yeah, I'm probably completely mindf&cked from all of it, but hey I'm still standing.

Anyway, we didn't end up going to the hot springs on Sunday.  Sad face :(  It was just really cold and Peter didn't feel like driving all the way down.  Boo!  So we chilled.  Peter got a text from his good friend Lance saying that their other friend Pascall moved up to Greeley for school.  Pascall called Peter & we made plans to meet up at Hobnobber to watch the Broncos vs. Cowboys game.  Everyone was preparing themselves for the impending slaughter.  It was completely empty at Hobnobber!  Haha.  I finally got to satisfy my craving and ordered some fish & chips and Peter got a side of garlic fries.  Their fries, paired with loads of malt vinegar, is to die for!  Love it!  We ate, chilled, & watched the whole game.  Elaine joined us for the last quarter.  Much to all of our surprise, the Broncos won!  Yeah, baby.  4-0!  4 better than what everyone predicted!  Take that!  Haha.

Pascall came over to our house afterwards to hangout.  Turns out, we lives just a stones throw away from our house.  Like... you can see our house from his window!  Lol.  Imagine that.  What are the chances?  Peter's good friend lived so close to us for the past month and he didn't even know it!  Crazy.  I'm sure Peter was glad he finally got to hang out with people other than me.  Haha!  I'm happy I finally have someone to smoke hookah with :))  We smoked hookah and played rock band up until Pascall had to go.

Peter popped in Matrix: Reloaded afterwards and we both fell asleep while watching.  I finally woke up during the end of the 2nd time Matrix played on DVD player.  Lol.  I couldn't sleep afterwards and stayed up till 4:40am to write that e-mail!  Grrr... unexpected naps are NOT good for me.  I'm still trying to recover back to my old sleeping schedule ever since we stayed up to watch "City of God" 2 weeks ago.

I totally woke up late on Monday.  We ended up cleaning around the house.  It was another cold day, so there wasn't much we could do.  Pascall came over again and we headed to Pitcher's to watch the Vikings vs. Packers game.  The Vikings were looking pretty good!  We didn't stay to finish the game, but the Vikings ended up winning.  Good job Brett Favre!

It's now Wednesday and I want to write up all these cover letters and send out as many resumes as I can by the end of the week.  I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Haha.  Hopefully something will come up soon because I'm going crazy just staying home all the time.

Not to mention, there's TWO families living below us.  That's 7 people in a 2 bedroom basement unit.  Small confined area with 2 YOUNG kids & a small yappy chihuahua = hell.  I seriously am starting to not like kids MORE AND MORE.  I've never liked them and this isn't helping.  I'm really starting to question if I could ever love kids like parents do?!  They're pretty freakin` annoying.  Screaming all day, pounding on the walls, crying, yelling mother... I REALLY want to let my dogs loose on them so they can instill the fear!!  Maybe they'll shut the hell up for once.  Having more people downstairs is also causing our electric bill to go up (we 1/2 the bill).  Totally not cool.

A new family also moved into the house next door.  They're f&cking loud as hell too!!!  The dad cusses at his children.  The mother was talking so loud at 8AM.  They were banging and moving things all morning.  The kids were screaming at the top of their lungs.  I caught them taunting my dogs.  Ooo those little bastards.  They think they're so sneaky behind our wood fence.  I watched Zeus walk over to the corner & I heard the kid go, "Oh he's here now." & right then I yelled "HEY!" and made my voice sound REALLY mean.  Hahah.  F&cking kids.  I need to let my dogs out in the front yard and see how big Zeus really is.  They'll think he's a wolf!  If only I could get my dogs to be mean and eat those little monsters.

I'm totally not a happy camper.  I can't stand noise.  I can't stand kids.  I don't recall ever being that loud or disrespectful.  I'm pretty sure I was scared out of my mind of my mom/dad or elders in general.  Is that an Asian thing?  Lol.  Shit.  Pray that I find a job soon before I go crazy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shakefire Rocks My Socks

I'm playing an all-night contest thing on  ... I've won a bunch of super random things so far, so I want to keep track of what I've won so I know what I can look forward to.  Haha.  Here's the list so far.
  • Dark Knight collector pin set
  • Tale of the Despereaux lunch box
  • Pink Super Bad trucker hat
  • Shorts Frisbee
  • Leather GHOST RIDER wallet with chain
  • Speed Racer pins
  • Random movie shirt
  • Push Play hat
  • The Ugly Truth wife beater (L)
  • Back To The Future Blue Fanny Pack
Awww & the night ended prematurely :(  They were experiencing massive hits to the site and the server couldn't handle all the traffic. Darn!  I did manage to scoop up a decent amount of prizes though :)  I had a lot of fun playing!  Hehe.  Can't wait till they all get here!  I'm especially excited for my lunch box :D

Last night, Jared called me and asked if I wanted to accompany him to a 'Party' .. guess he didn't want to be the only old fart there.  Haha!  i didn't have anything planned so I agreed.  He picked me up and we hung out at Kara & KeiLyn's for a bit.  Brendan guys' met up with us there as well.  We just conversed over some drinks & a few shots before heading out to Marcus'.  Peter brought over the doggies while he was out running for a little bit.  They were so excited to be outside!  Haha.  After that we headed over to Marcus' and just chilled, smoked some hookah (love!), and caught up with some friends.  All in all, it was a pretty fun night.  The parties these days in good ol' Greeley simply just don't compare to the ragers of back in the day ;)

The noise outside woke me up bright and early this morning and I had a really hard time going back to sleep.  I didn't drink enough water last night, so I had a headache!  Sleep couldn't come soon enough.  Thankfully, I managed to sleep off any signs of a hangover.  I was so hungry this afternoon, I ended up cooking some pork adobo!  I must say, I think I'm actually getting the hang of cooking.  My mother always made it look so easy and made it SOUND easy as well.  Perhaps I was just never confident in my abilities to cook?  I did have quite a few disasters early on.. especially with things being WAY TOO SALTY!  Now, I think things have changed.  My adobo tasted fairly similar to hers!!  I couldn't be more happier.  I just need to get a few more ingredients to make it exact!  

Well.. now, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.  Peter should be coming home soon, so I suppose I'll just bum around till then.  We'll be heading to the hot springs tomorrow!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dragon Scales

Dragon Scales is a complex color straight out of a fairy tale. Terracotta-brown base is illuminated with mystical green glitter particles! This color makes an amazing eyeliner when applied wet!

Contents: Mica, Iron Oxide, Glitter, Secret Ingredient.

Isn't this color just absolutely amazing?!?  Oh man, I want this so bad!  I'm in love with the color and the shine.  Make-up doesn't normally catch my fancy, but there's just something so alluring and sexy about this color.  I actually fell in love with quite a few Lime Crime Makeup colors.  The creator is all about adding a splash of color into your life.  Totally awesome.  I'll have to put this on my future purchase list, along with all the panda items in my previous posts ;)

In other news, Peter & I changed our weekend plans.  Actually, he did.  On Sunday, we're going to head down to Denver to see his mom & sister.  Then we'll all head to the hot springs together in the mountains.  That will be an interesting family get together, I suppose.  Haha.  I have never been to the hot springs before, but it's a place I considered taking my family when they were up here last May.  I'm looking forward to it!  I get to see the mountains in all it's Autumn glory and take tons of photos!  Hehe.  I've never really gotten to see all the pretty changing colors in mass amounts (like a whole mountainside!) so it'll be awesome!  Oh & yes, the hot springs, that will be nice too.  What do I wear?  My two piece bathing suit?  I wonder if that's too scantily clad for Peter's mom?  Lol.  Man, it's just crazy how many natural hot springs there are here in Colorado.  I'd say, next to Hawaii, Colorado was a great choice to be my home away from home!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Attitude of Silence

"In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in an clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.  Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth."  
-Mahatma Gandhi

One reason why I simply must have a fully converted IR camera-- the photos are irresistibly beautiful.  Image via: tavelkyosoba.  With IR, photographs turn out so whimsical, almost dream like.  It literally captures the unseen beauty in nature, the very essence of life.  Mother Earth is such a wonderful thing, don't you agree?

Oh & I happened to change the address/title of my blog.  It is now ... I came across the term while doing some random reading last night.  I like the ring to it and it's much shorter than the previous title.  Mai Soli = Never Alone.  I like it.  It can either really creepy or really comforting ;)

In any case, most of today was spent working on a website and converting .pdf's to .docs and then back to .pdf's once I got them all uniform and in the same template.  Quite a long, arduous task.  I had to take a break from it a few times.  Ah, I still have to do some research for another client & reply to all these other e-mails/potential clients.  Hopefully I get more work done tomorrow.  I see it's going to be a cold cold day in Colorado!  I might just want to snuggle up in bed all day :)