Saturday, October 24, 2009

Out & About With Life.

I didn't mean to be MIA.  I just haven't been able to log-on to this thing for a while.  I actually missed blogging and reading other blogs.  I promise to sign-up for internet service within the next week.  Seriously.  LOL.  Besides, my promotional period for my G1 phone & 3G services are going to end in a couple of days.  I can't hijack the i-net from my phone for much longer. Boo!

So anyway, a slight recap of my life from the past 9 days.  I've actually been out & about a few times ;)  Let's play catch up.

Friday the 16th - Sushi 1 & Panera
Shari was in town visiting.  Shawn called me up to have lunch and they picked me up to head to Sushi 1.  We had some great conversations and did a lot of catching up.  Thankfully it wasn't busy at all.  We also scored dessert on-the-house, a banana lumpia (seriously) type dish w/ vanilla ice cream & graham cracker crumbles.  Sometimes it pays to know the owner & date the manager of the restaurant ;)

I hung out with Peter for a bit during his break.  Then, Shari, Layne, & I headed to Centerra to browse around for a bit.  We didn't buy anything, but I did fall inlove with a FourSquare snowboarding jacket.  Now that I'm reminded about it, I'd like to go back and purchase it.  Perhaps on Sunday?  I probably shouldn't, but it's only $99!  Hah.  

Then we headed over to Layne's house and hung out with the house around the dinner table.  Always nice to hang out with old friends.  Layne then treated Shari & I to dinner at Panera.  I've never had it before, but I enjoyed the onion soup & my sandwich.  I also liked the whole ambience of the place.

Saturday the 17th - Old Chicago's
Peter cooked some bacon & rice for breakfast.  Although, I can't quite remember why I was up early enough to even eat breakfast.  I intended to be productive, but instead I ended up entering a bunch of sweepstakes and Shawn called me to have some dinner with the boys.  I haven't hung out with Kevin & Jayson since Marcus', so I decided to go.  We headed to OC's and I just drank 2 long island iced teas and ate a big cookie a la mode.  Yum!  It was nice to reminisce and laugh about past shenanigans.  Once I got home, Peter & I just hung out and watched "Hitch."

Sunday the 18th - Denver + Chinese Restaurant
Peter spent the morning at Nathan's while I slept in... per the usual.  He brought home KFC for me to fill my tummy!  After that I started getting ready to head to Denver.  We got to Denver pretty early so went to Jamba Juice first and I tried the Fruity Pebbles flavor for the first time.  Dude making my drink looked unsure of how to make it, but it turned out pretty similar!  Then we headed to Target since we had more time.  I saw Guitar Hero World Tour game for $12, so I decided to buy it :)  Peter also got a movie, "Green Street Hooligans."

We met up with Peter's family at this chinese restaurant (I can't remember the name!  Peter took me there before) to celebrate his little sister's 22nd birthday.  It was interesting observing how everyone interacts with each other.  Peter's mother also always fails to remember I'm not Korean.  Although, my brain seems to think it understands Korean.  LOL.  It reminded me of how my cousin in London would speak to Peter in a Filipino language and Peter would just reply without realizing it.  All in all, the food was really good and so was the cake that Peter's brother bought.  

Once we got home we popped in the movie, "Green Street."  It's an independent film based on the futbol firms in England.  I enjoyed it quite a lot.  Charlie Hunnam is quite yummy in the movie.  There's something about the English that attracts me.  Must be the accent.  Seriously.  I'm dying to go back to England.  This movie didn't help.

Monday the 19th - Denver vs. Chargers @ OC's
Peter brought home some udon soup w/ shrimp tempura for lunch for me.  I am truly spoiled.  Hehe!  It was delicious.  Weirdly enough, my tooth started hurting really bad afterwards.  I couldn't function.  After Peter went back to work, I decided to sleep off the pain.  I texted Shawn to cancel on our plans for the night.

During my nap, someone knocked on the door... it was Pascal.  LOL.  I was a bit surprised he showed up.  I told Peter to tell him I was watching the game with the boys at Old Chicago's and that he was welcome to join us.  I didn't really expect him to accept.  I felt bad canceling on him since he was already here, so I decided to get changed quickly and we met up with the boys.  Skyler joined us this time and Kyama was there again too.  It was funny having all 7 of us crowded around such a little table at the bar.  Peter joined us for the last moments of the game.  BRONCOS WON!  We are now 6-0.  I am so glad I went.  It was a GREAT game.  After the game, Pascal, Shawn, & Kymana came over to drink some more and hang out.  Pascal must think I'm a lightweight or something since I have yet to drink more than a sip around him.  Lol.

Wednesday the 21st - Possible Employment!
The night before I was feeling really lucky for some reason.  It was moreso on the lines of perhaps winning some prizes, but the news I got was even better.  I received TWO call backs today (finally!!) for some openings I applied for.  The funny thing is, for one of those positions, I accidentally sent in an UNFINISHED cover letter.  As in, I wasn't done changing out the names, etc.  SO I had the header text correct, but the body of the cover letter still had ANOTHER companies name in it.  Yet, they still called back.  Awesome!  

The 1st call was from the Weld County School District and I scheduled to meet with the guy 'informally' the same day.  I kept saying "yah" during the interview.  I wanted to slap myself, but I couldn't STOP.  Seriously, WTF.  He gave me a lot of positive responses though and made it seem like he was trying to sell ME the job?  He told me he liked what he heard and would most likely call me back to schedule the real interview for next week.  He "wants to see how the others react to me."  In that case, I'll make it good!

Later that night I watched "Live Free or Die Hard" with Peter.  It was a pretty good movie!  The night before that (Tuesday) we watched "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and the night before that we watched "Transformers."  We're on a roll with watching movies huh?  

Thursday the 22nd - DirecTV hooked up!
After 3+ months of no cable, we finally got DirecTV hooked up!  It's actually not even fully hooked up yet, but the guy set us up for now.  He has to come back once the pole is set-up so that we get better reception.  Peter was pissing his pants with happiness once the TV got hooked up.  LOL.  I got a great deal for $19.99 a month -- 150+ channels -- 3 months of Showtime and some other things.  Peter now has access to 10+ sports-specific channels.  Honestly, there's so many channels I don't know what to watch.  I rarely ever watch TV anyway so I don't know what time things are on or any of that.  So far I've just watched old reruns, the food network, & the history channel.  Yep.

I also entered a good amount of Twitter contests, which I'm sure annoyed some of my 'followers.'  Honestly, those posts were nothing compared to some of the people I follow on my list.  LOL.  I'm just giving your twitter some action, guys ;)  Besides, it's quite an easy way to possibly win things.

Friday the 23rd - I'm In For Round 2!
Friday's are usually quiet on my end.  It's quite the opposite of what it used to be.  I woke up pretty late, 1pm to be exact.  I must've been cold.  When it's cold, I sleep like a bear.  I'm thankful I didn't have dreams like I did the past couple of days.  While I took a nap on Thursday, I had a good dream that suddenly turned sour.  I ended up dreaming that I beat the shit out of this bitch and I was compelled to physically throw a punch while I was dreaming as well.  My effort to throw that punch woke me up, of course.  That was probably the best.  I woke up pretty angry.  Haha!  

Anyway, Peter kept stepping on 'pokies' today so I ended up vacuuming everything.  I hate the fact that I have to vacuum twice a week because the dogs just shed too much.  Mostly Lexi.  I guess shaving her fur that one time wasn't such a good idea.  Ever since then she's shed like crazy.  I also finished up washing the rest of the dishes to make room on the counter and the sink.  I intended to cook beef mushroom for dinner, but the mushrooms prematurely went bad :(  They were slimy and looked sketchy.  I ended up cooking chopped steak with onions instead.  It turned out pretty good!  Just a little on the chewy side.  I don't know if a bit of freezer burn had something to do with that since I cooked it on LOW.  I still have much to learn in the world of cooking.

Oh, this afternoon, I did get a call back from the Weld County School District!  I scheduled my formal interview for Monday at 8AM.  I think being the first interviewees has a lot of benefits.  I plan on printing up some projects and perhaps also a portfolio of some work I've done.  This is an Administrative Assistant position w/ benefits and also serves as the back-up Substitute Secretary (which means, higher pay for the days she's absent!).  He said he's working on getting a raise for this position and made it seem like it was A LOT of work. I really don't mind.  I'd rather be kept busy at work than stay idle.  

I really hope I get this position.  I really want to get out of the house and be working full-time.  Starting at 7:30am doesn't really appeal much to me though, but hey, at least I'd be done by 4:30pm!  The place is also close enough for me to bike to.  I'm looking at getting a mountain bike something this week-- a used one, for cheap, until I can afford a better one.  

Lastly, tonight I bought 6 tickets to the Nuggets home opener!  They're playing the Utah Jazz on Wednesday and everyone in attendance will get a FREE LIFT TICKET TO COPPER MOUNTAIN & bam bams.  Yay!  I mostly want to go for the lift ticket.  Haha.  I love Copper, but an $80 day pass isn't quite affordable at the moment.  So on Wednesday, it'll be Me, Peter, Shawn, Pascal, Jayson & his date (?).  Just me and the boys!  I finally get to wear my Billups jersey too!  I'll probably slap Jay if he wears anything Jazz related.  For serious.

Yes, I totally wrote a novel.  I told ya I missed blogging!  It's like my daily record of my life.  Surprisingly, I've been out and about huh?  Hahah!  You know, I think I just really need to start hanging out with the friends I have here before they all start leaving.  Peter & I were reflecting just a few weeks ago how we're kind of alone here.  Then it turned out his childhood friend lived right across the street.  It's just really nice to actually have people to watch the football games with now!  Maybe I'll start branching out and start inviting more kids to come out when the opportunity arises.

And I just realized, wasn't I supposed to go on a beer tour today?

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