Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Snow.

I woke up today and found a text from Peter stating, "It's Snowing!! Love you."  It was freezing once I gathered the strength to get out of bed.  30 minutes passed since Peter initially texted me, but I was hopeful.  Unfortunately, I MISSED THE SNOW!  I was pretty disappointed.  Luckily, the snow gods decided to be gracious and granted me another snowfall later in the afternoon.  SO much snow was falling and in big chunks!  I managed to snap some photos, but they just didn't do the scene justice.  I really hoped it would just keep snowing and that the snow would stick to the ground.  Oh well, perhaps next time.  I just really want to make a snowman.  I have a huge front yard just waiting to college all that snowy goodness!

In other news, I posted on Twitter that I managed to tether my G1 phone to Peter's laptop in order to access the internet.  Essentially, I turned my G1 into a portable modem, which was nice!  I should've done that earlier and it was so simple!  The connection however wasn't THAT fast at all.  I thought it was normal at first, but after more research, things weren't adding up!  I finally figured out that my phone is connected to the EDGE network, not the higher speed 3G network.  UGH!  I checked T-mobile's coverage and I am well within range of the 3G network.  I played around with the settings, etc.  still on EDGE.  Now I am thinking it's my SIM.  Yes, old SIM works fine, I get internet, etc. etc. but not 3G.  I just never noticed since well, I broke the damn phone within 2 weeks of using it.  That's the only other possible factor I can think of since someone else had the same issue.  My SIM is about 7 (maybe 8) years old!  Definitely time for an upgrade.  I've been with T-mobile for almost 11 years.  Crazy!  My promo period is about to end with them in a couple of weeks... I'm itching to get the myTouch.  Maybe for Christmas?  Hehe.  Or I'll just try to win it :)

Speaking of sweepstakes.. I think I'm going to enter THIS sweep.  Considering NO ONE followed the rules/directions, I think I got pretty good chances at the prize(s)!  LOL.  I figure it'll be a fun way to present my photos from London anyhow.  It'll be like a coffee table book of sorts.  I just need to order the kit to get started.  I was chuckling the whole time while looking at the entries.  The sweep will be done at the end of the month, so chances are good!


Jon said...

aah, thanks to the snow the baseball game got postponed!

Maria said...

lol. it's ok.. they're playing tonight! they're going to be cold though in low 30 degree weather. it's 32 right now and the sun hasn't even set. lol.