Friday, October 2, 2009

Dragon Scales

Dragon Scales is a complex color straight out of a fairy tale. Terracotta-brown base is illuminated with mystical green glitter particles! This color makes an amazing eyeliner when applied wet!

Contents: Mica, Iron Oxide, Glitter, Secret Ingredient.

Isn't this color just absolutely amazing?!?  Oh man, I want this so bad!  I'm in love with the color and the shine.  Make-up doesn't normally catch my fancy, but there's just something so alluring and sexy about this color.  I actually fell in love with quite a few Lime Crime Makeup colors.  The creator is all about adding a splash of color into your life.  Totally awesome.  I'll have to put this on my future purchase list, along with all the panda items in my previous posts ;)

In other news, Peter & I changed our weekend plans.  Actually, he did.  On Sunday, we're going to head down to Denver to see his mom & sister.  Then we'll all head to the hot springs together in the mountains.  That will be an interesting family get together, I suppose.  Haha.  I have never been to the hot springs before, but it's a place I considered taking my family when they were up here last May.  I'm looking forward to it!  I get to see the mountains in all it's Autumn glory and take tons of photos!  Hehe.  I've never really gotten to see all the pretty changing colors in mass amounts (like a whole mountainside!) so it'll be awesome!  Oh & yes, the hot springs, that will be nice too.  What do I wear?  My two piece bathing suit?  I wonder if that's too scantily clad for Peter's mom?  Lol.  Man, it's just crazy how many natural hot springs there are here in Colorado.  I'd say, next to Hawaii, Colorado was a great choice to be my home away from home!


jalene said...

you sound real excited about the weekend, as you should be :) a mountainside of fall goodness is simply amazingly awesome!

Maria said...

ah boo, we didn't end up going to the mountains :( hopefully soon though! i always miss the changing colors! ugh.