Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fried Brains. Annoying kids.

It took me 3 days to finish this blog... lol.  Having it saved as a "draft" finally got me to finish it.  Now I have to change all the dates/tense to the present .. or past.  I was meaning to update this blog on Sunday/Monday morning, but I didn't get around to finishing.

My brain was completely fried from trying to think in Tagalog for a couple of hours on Sunday night.  Haha.  I sent an extremely long e-mail in response to a friend!  I had a good laugh writing all those stories up though.  The dramas in life are only dramas for the moment.  After time passes, we can look back not with contempt, but with a sigh of relief.  You can finally laugh at those moments. At least, I can!  Yeah, I'm probably completely mindf&cked from all of it, but hey I'm still standing.

Anyway, we didn't end up going to the hot springs on Sunday.  Sad face :(  It was just really cold and Peter didn't feel like driving all the way down.  Boo!  So we chilled.  Peter got a text from his good friend Lance saying that their other friend Pascall moved up to Greeley for school.  Pascall called Peter & we made plans to meet up at Hobnobber to watch the Broncos vs. Cowboys game.  Everyone was preparing themselves for the impending slaughter.  It was completely empty at Hobnobber!  Haha.  I finally got to satisfy my craving and ordered some fish & chips and Peter got a side of garlic fries.  Their fries, paired with loads of malt vinegar, is to die for!  Love it!  We ate, chilled, & watched the whole game.  Elaine joined us for the last quarter.  Much to all of our surprise, the Broncos won!  Yeah, baby.  4-0!  4 better than what everyone predicted!  Take that!  Haha.

Pascall came over to our house afterwards to hangout.  Turns out, we lives just a stones throw away from our house.  Like... you can see our house from his window!  Lol.  Imagine that.  What are the chances?  Peter's good friend lived so close to us for the past month and he didn't even know it!  Crazy.  I'm sure Peter was glad he finally got to hang out with people other than me.  Haha!  I'm happy I finally have someone to smoke hookah with :))  We smoked hookah and played rock band up until Pascall had to go.

Peter popped in Matrix: Reloaded afterwards and we both fell asleep while watching.  I finally woke up during the end of the 2nd time Matrix played on DVD player.  Lol.  I couldn't sleep afterwards and stayed up till 4:40am to write that e-mail!  Grrr... unexpected naps are NOT good for me.  I'm still trying to recover back to my old sleeping schedule ever since we stayed up to watch "City of God" 2 weeks ago.

I totally woke up late on Monday.  We ended up cleaning around the house.  It was another cold day, so there wasn't much we could do.  Pascall came over again and we headed to Pitcher's to watch the Vikings vs. Packers game.  The Vikings were looking pretty good!  We didn't stay to finish the game, but the Vikings ended up winning.  Good job Brett Favre!

It's now Wednesday and I want to write up all these cover letters and send out as many resumes as I can by the end of the week.  I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Haha.  Hopefully something will come up soon because I'm going crazy just staying home all the time.

Not to mention, there's TWO families living below us.  That's 7 people in a 2 bedroom basement unit.  Small confined area with 2 YOUNG kids & a small yappy chihuahua = hell.  I seriously am starting to not like kids MORE AND MORE.  I've never liked them and this isn't helping.  I'm really starting to question if I could ever love kids like parents do?!  They're pretty freakin` annoying.  Screaming all day, pounding on the walls, crying, yelling mother... I REALLY want to let my dogs loose on them so they can instill the fear!!  Maybe they'll shut the hell up for once.  Having more people downstairs is also causing our electric bill to go up (we 1/2 the bill).  Totally not cool.

A new family also moved into the house next door.  They're f&cking loud as hell too!!!  The dad cusses at his children.  The mother was talking so loud at 8AM.  They were banging and moving things all morning.  The kids were screaming at the top of their lungs.  I caught them taunting my dogs.  Ooo those little bastards.  They think they're so sneaky behind our wood fence.  I watched Zeus walk over to the corner & I heard the kid go, "Oh he's here now." & right then I yelled "HEY!" and made my voice sound REALLY mean.  Hahah.  F&cking kids.  I need to let my dogs out in the front yard and see how big Zeus really is.  They'll think he's a wolf!  If only I could get my dogs to be mean and eat those little monsters.

I'm totally not a happy camper.  I can't stand noise.  I can't stand kids.  I don't recall ever being that loud or disrespectful.  I'm pretty sure I was scared out of my mind of my mom/dad or elders in general.  Is that an Asian thing?  Lol.  Shit.  Pray that I find a job soon before I go crazy.

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