Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is mostly for my brother's reference.  Haha.  I HAVE to do this every year 'cause well, I have different taste ;)  I guess you could say, I'm hard to shop for at times. This I really want have asterisks ***
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shadows Fall.

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." 

Peter took this photo of me the day we went pumpkin picking @ Tigges Farm. I post processed it in Photoshop. Have a great weekend!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Winners Circle.

I took a break from sweepstakes & contests when my life started going haywire and I basically lost interest due to all the background noise (drama) going on.  I got back into it end of September-ish and I'm glad that I did!  I've had a steady stream of wins and it's pretty amazing.  Just a recap of what I've won over the 2 months:

those that I won under peter's name are in red.

10/13 - Snow White Blu-Ray Deluxe Edition -
10/17 - Snow White Blu-Ray Deluxe Edition -
10/24 - 2 movie tickets - Coke
10/30 - NCAA Football '10 game Xbox 360 - Wendys
11/4 - Michael Jackson PEOPLE Tribute Book - People Mag
11/13 - DodgeTag toy - @FamilyFun
11/13 - Madden Football '10 game Xbox 360 - KFC
11/13 - Adidas Superstar shoes - Dew Green Label Gear
11/16 - Bayonetta Demo Early Access Code - Sega
11/17 - $10 BestBuy GC -
11/21 - $10 HomeDepot GC - Wendys
11/22 - NBA Live '10 game PS3 -
11/23 - New Era Hat - Dew Green Label Gear
11/24 - $25 Pizza GC - @ComcastSports
11/24 - $5 Home Depot GC - Wendy's
11/26 - CSI Drawstring Backpack -
11/26 - 2 oz soy-based candle - Glade
11/26 - $10 HomeDepot GC - Wendys
11/26$15 Best Buy GC - MCR
11/28 - 200 Microsoft Points - @getxboxcodes
11/29 - $25 GC - @stylebakeryteen
11/29 - South Park XBL Download - @Xtival09
11/29 - 600 Microsoft Points - Doritos
12/1 - $15 Best Buy GC -
12/3 - Pantech Impact smart cell phone - @PantechUSA
12/4 - DJ Hero game XBOX 360 - <3333
12/4 - $5 F.Y.E. GC - @fyeguy

I also won a box of Little Debbie's cupcakes and probably some random other things.  I am pretty damn super stoked to start receiving all of these things in the mail.  LOL.  DJ HERO!  You can't even imagine how stoked I am for that.  Man.. I hope I can get those video games in time for Christmas!  Peter is going to be so so happy.

I have been quite lucky indeed.  I am definitely blessed by The Man Above ^^... I won 2 big ticket items in the past 2 days.  WOW.  Is this what you call GOOD Karma?  Maybe I should go pick up more children's names off of the angel tree?  Haha, just kidding!  Here's to hoping December will bring lots of luck and blessings.  Tis the season :)

Oh & Lastly,  if any one of you could be so kind to do me a tiny favor:
Can you please vote for my photo ( @ -- It is #13 London Shenanigans. I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's 4:30 am, but I just have to blog this.  I am becoming more and more paranoid by the minute.

On Tuesday it snowed overnight, which was awesome because I LOVE snow.  On Wednesday, there was a beautiful white coat of snow over everything.  Peter let the dogs out in the backyard as usual.  Aside from the snow, Peter noticed that there were FOOTPRINTS on our deck that led to our kitchen window.  WTF.  They were fresh footprints because obviously, the snow would've covered them up and who the f&ck would go in our backyard!?  It's OUR private backyard.  It was obviously a boys/men's footprints as well.

Now, I was up the whole time till 8AM Wednesday morning (I can't sleep at regular hours these days and usually sleep only 4-6 hours a day).  I didn't hear anything except these new people that moved downstairs alive and kicking til the early morning.  I didn't think anything of it until Peter told me what he saw.

Now tonight, I fell asleep in the living room and I suddenly start hearing BANGING noises coming from downstairs.  It's 3:30AM what the f&ck man?!  I listen closer and I can hear the dad, an older teenager, and their young son who doesn't seem any older than 6 years old.  It's now 4:30 am and I can still hear them downstairs.

I can't sleep because I am so sketched out!  They were banging around something and then one of them goes outside and I can hear them walking around.  I can hear him poking around or doing something outside, but what?  I didn't hear their car start (it's loud and clear as day when they start it), it's 4AM, 7 degrees outside.  They're not smoking outside because they've been smoking inside ever since the fucking day they moved in!

I am getting freakin paranoid because something is NOT right here.  I'm a night owl and apparently they ALL are too?  However, who let's their young child stay up in the wee hours of the morning like that?  Does this kid not go to school?  I don't want to pass judgement, they seemed nice at first, but now I am just annoyed at everything.  

These people are heavy smokers and I don't know why, but apparently they are allowed to smoke in the house!  This REALLY annoys me, especially because we were asked if we smoked before we signed the contract.  There is nothing in our lease that blatantly states that smoking is prohibited in the house.  Therefore, Peter went down and nicely asked if they could smoke outside because our house shares a central AC/heating system.  Therefore, all the vents in the house are interconnected.  Unfortunately, smoke rises UP and even worse gets SUCKED THROUGH the vents when the heater turns on.  Moreso, because of the weather, the wood windows warped and we haven't been able to open any of our windows for MONTHS now (this may be a good thing I guess if someone tried to break in).  All the smoke gets caught in OUR house and is making our whole house wreak of the stench.  I've had to open my doors on 30 degree nights because I couldn't breathe.  I fucking hate smoke with a passion.  These people were good about smoking outside for TWO days.  I've resorted to covering our vents with Saran Wrap because they just smoke all freakin day.

I don't have a problem with people smoking.  That's your fucking business.  If you're around me and you're smoking, I'd just walk away and come back when you're done.  Unfortunately, I can't leave my own house and these people simply can't go outside and have to subject me to this poison.  I know it's like, "why should they bend over their ways because I don't smoke?"  But where the fuck is the common courtesy?  Obviously, I can't go outside in 10 degree weather everytime you're smoking.  You're doing it all day!  I don't smoke for a reason.  I could never handle the smell, my nose is incredibly sensitive, and I can't breathe around that stench.  Most importantly, second hand smoke is HORRIBLE for you.  

A call to my landlord will be going out soon.  We are getting out of our contract one way or another!  I'll have to site the clause in the lease "Refrain from activities and/or noise or practices which disturb other TENANTS or neighbors."  They are certainly disturbing my livelyhood.  Peter & I should not have to suffer because of my landlord or these tenants.  This place is overpriced, these people are using OUR driveway (yes it's ours. says so in our contract.), and I just want to get the hell out of here.

Goodness, I just really freakin` hate people sometimes.  The more annoyed I get, the more I'll give back a taste of their own medicine.  Good thing I have two huge doggies that like to run around a lot.  If only I could teach them to bite on command.

/end rant

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I chatted with an old friend today.  He never fails to make me laugh, whether intentional or not.  I enjoy those kinds of friends.  He brought up the obvious past that we never truly confronted head on.  It was always blatantly obvious.  No one could be so naive to not notice a single droplet of that energy.  It was really hard to keep a straight face on during the conversation, without letting a smirk, smile, or bit of laughter slip through.  To dissect someone who in many aspects share many of your own traits is challenging at best.  It's hard to resist and maintain a perfectly good friendship.  It's also relatively easy to ruin a perfectly good friendship over things we selfishly desire.  We're an enigma in a riddle.  An unavoidable addiction I tried to avoid so well.  I love and hate him all the same.  

Friday, November 27, 2009

Louis Vuitton. Seriously?

Oh, I have been absent for my blog.  There's been numerous moments where I've attempted to write up a "New Post" but I never got anywhere with it.  FAIL on my part.  There were a lot of things that I wanted to blog about.  Unfortunately I just didn't.  I spent time with friends, Peter, my pups... amongst other things.

Today was Black Friday.  Peter was gracious enough to go with me to check out the deals.  I wrote out a list of each store and items that I wanted from that store.  However, some of the deals from the ads online clearly did not reflect the prices in store :( I want to go back today and see if there's any other deals out there.

Since Peter worked, I took to the internet to do some shopping!  I ended up buying a sweet new FourSquare snowboarding outfit for myself -- jacket and pants.  It was perfect since I've been eyeing that Jacket for over a month since I saw it at Zumiez!  I got the last one in my size so I am happy! I also bought Peter's "big" present which was a FourSquare Michalira snowboarding jacket for him.  I hope he likes the design... LOL.  I went with a semi-crazy design but with neutral colors to go with his FourSquare pants that he already has.  The reviews for this jacket was solid and he mentioned today he needed a new jacket :) 

I also bought him a family-sized Black & Decker griddle (hey, it benefits me too!).  I didn't realize how big it was soo I had to try and cover part of it up with my jacket and told him not to turn around the whole time.  LOL.  I also bought him "The Office" season 4 and when he put his stuff in the basket he was like "OoOoooo... I saw what you're getting me!"  I guess that evened out the fact that I saw him with "House" in his hands.  We're silly.  Who actually thought you could shop for your significant other when you're WITH them?!  Haha.

Conflict of the day: My brother calls me up saying, "Hey, what kind of Louis Vuitton bag do you want? We're at the LV store with mom." 

Long story short, I thought I almost got out of it when she settled to (and bought) me a bag from Guess.  && then my mom went and kept insisting I find a bag that I want from LV. She kept saying, "All the LV bags you have are my hand-me-downs.  You don't have a bag of your own."  I basically told her I'd rather have a "cheap" bag from Guess and cash to spend on stuff I am interested in like Electronics.  I think that hurt her feelings and she sounded mad at me :(  (man, I just can't justify spending THAT much on a bag!) She pulled the "Alright!  I'll send you the Guess bag and cash.  You and Dianne (my bros gf) can split all my bags when I die" card.  Oh boy.

Yeah ok, so I guess she really wants to get a bag for me because that's the one thing she LOVES.  I understand that.  It would really give her pleasure to get something for me that she really loves.  I can't believe I felt selfish denying her the pleasure by refusing a bag?  I totally think that's what she thinks.  Isn't that so backwards?!  After talking to my bro again tonight, I decided to just go with the dang bag.  I can't believe I got talked into this.  Hello Louis Vuitton bag.  

I don't know what my mom was on today (she bought herself and my bro's gf an LV bag)... but OK mom, be happy and buy me the bag.  I have to send my bro a style that I like tomorrow.  I'm eyeing the Totally PM in Damier Canvas.  At least this style is less noticeable than the monogram canvas.  Maybe I'll change my mind when I wake up...

I seriously don't need anymore bags than I already have.  Hmm..  is it normal to already know everything I'm getting for christmas?  That kind of sucks.  Where's the element of surprise these days?  Am I that hard to shop for?  Boooo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twitter Contests

I've been transitioning into doing more Twitter contests.  They're rather easy to enter.  Though my friends probably don't enjoy all the messages that I send out.  "SPAM BOT" .. sure.  Most of my friends rarely ever use Twitter anyway except to lurk and update every so often.  In any case, I've made an account geared towards Twitter related giveaways.  The first day, I managed to win a DodgeTag toy from @FamilyFun.  It looks like a game Peter & I will enjoy.  

Currently, most of my focus is on winning Twilight related contests.  Hey, New Moon is coming out soon!  I have Twilight fever.  Nothing gets me going like a bunch of sexy vampires & werewolves ;) Here's some contests to check out:

Twitter Name: @xriyah

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Black Friday Deals

I'm not much of a shopper, but I do love getting deals anytime I can find them.  I'm currently checking out some of the Black Friday ads from various stores.  Currently looking at the Target ad and it's looking promising.  There's a few items there that I'm interested in/making a note of:
  • $3.99 - DVD Movies: Kung Fu Panda, Nights in Rodanthe, Dark Knight, Madagascar 2 ($5.99)
  • $12.99 - TV Seasons:  House, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Friends
  • $10 - $17 Board Games:  Balderdash, Catch Phrase, Scattergories, & Taboo
    • Make this deal sweeter with a $5 off coupon on Hasbro games
  • Appliances - $19 Griddle, $3 Coffee Maker, $3 Sandwich Maker
  • Electronics - $149.99 Sony Blu Ray player w/ $20 GC + $10 GC on purchases over $100. $119.00 for player.  Not too bad.
I'm hoping the DVD deals & board games will be live online so I can get them via website instead.  Then I'll have to decide if it's worth getting up early in the morning to snatch up those other deals.  I've been wanting a coffee maker.  Haha.  The griddle would be a good present for Peter as well.  GREAT for breakfast! My bro was also in the market for a Blu Ray player soo, for $119 that's pretty good.

I'm currently watching "Ngayon Nandito Ka."  It's one of my favorite movies.  I really have a soft part in heart for sappy filipino movies.  Haha.  This movie brings back so many memories and flashbacks in the Philippines.  I really love it there... Although I didn't grow up there, I spent a good deal of my childhood there and a lot of good summers during high school.  Watching all these filipino shows and movies also helped me to relearn the language and appreciate my culture more.  

Man, I really miss the Philippines.  I haven't been there for over 3 years.  I love it there.  I love the simplicity.  I love living in the countryside.  I love the silence of the night.  One day.. I'll go back!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scoots Magoots.

This little man is a purebreed West Highland White Terrier.  They are technically, Cairn Terriers, but white.  Imagine that.  He is a 7 month old puppy, 13.5 lbs, and almost fully grown.  He was sitting in a sea of puppies that were going crazy and not once did he bark.  He was very well behaved and cute.

Normally, I am against buying puppies from pet stores, etc.  I just like to visit the pet stores to see all the cute little babies.  This little guy was returned by the previous buyer and it seemed like the store owner was just trying to get rid of him.  Poor little guy.  He was going for a really good price and Peter got really attached to him, so I consented, said yes.  I can't turn down an opportunity for a new doggy!  I love dogs.

The guy gave us an "out the door" price with everything included-- dog + tax + papers (certifying he's a purebreed) + microchip + meds.  Not to mention, he's all up-to-date on shots except for rabies ($5 at the Humane Society!).  We figured we could take care of him and if worse comes to worse and we couldn't bring him to our new place (we're looking at places in Denver), we could find a really good home for him.  

This little guy is such a ... "feminine" dog though.  The only "small" dog I've ever wanted was a Boston Terrier (we couldn't get that one since she was $650!).  I'm not the kind of girl that dresses their dogs up and carries them in their purse.  He's kind of a scaredy cat.  He's trying to mark his territory all over our house, even our Siberian Husky, Zeus.  He cried when I put him in the bathroom to sleep, but he can't sleep in our room until he is fully potty trained.  He already had a poop accident in the house yesterday!  Thankfully, he pooped outside today.  At least he doesn't run away.

He does have a bit of temper though.  He gets really defensive when Zeus tries to play with him. Perhaps this is why he wasn't playing with the other pup's at the store?  Then again, Zeus is also a bit much to handle.  He's 70lbs and poking at this small 13lb dog!  I'm trying to work on that though.  Otherwise, he's a good dog.  He loves to be cuddled, pet, and follows you around everywhere.

Oh yes, we named him Scooter.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Trekkin' It

Peter got off of work early last night so we decided to go on a bike ride.  We were both pretty hungry so we biked down towards 16th St. first to get some food.  We planned on going to DP Dough, but "Taste of Philly" caught Peter's eye and we decided to go there.  The guy was cool enough to let us bring our bikes in and eat inside.  The philly cheesesteaks were absolutely delicious!  Wow.  The meet was perfectly tender, super hot and fresh, and the bread went well with everything.  I enjoyed it.

After that we headed towards Bittersweet Park on 35th Ave.  We ended up biking all the way to Sushi 1 and back to our house for a total of 9 miles!  Wow.  I can't believe we biked 9 miles at 11 o'clock at night.  It didn't even feel like a "workout" really.  It was moreso fun and enjoyable!  Haha.  Although, I was really sketched out a lot of the time because it was so late and some areas had no light at all.  You never know what could happen in Greeley.  There's a lot of crazies out there!  It was fun though.

Today, we went on a tour at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Fort Collins with Shawn & Keilyn.  For a free tour, it wasn't too bad!  My nose was definitely not agreeing with all the smells though.  Haha.  The beginning smelt like dog food, but it was neat seeing the time lapse of their packaging, marketing, and advertising over the years.  At the end, everyone got 2 samples of beers.  Many people say that drinking beer is an acquired taste.  I'm sorry, but I don't think I will every truly "acquire" that taste.  All beer tastes the same to me.  Beer is beer is beer.  The only time I will drink it is when I'm on a mission to get drunk and it's the only thing available.  With that said, Peter finished off my beers for me.  Haha!

For lunch we headed over to Pho Duy for some delicious pho!!  I love pho.  Haha.  Meatball alll the way.  While we were there, this guy dropped by to drop off the Yakima Rhode Gear bike rack.  $10 for a bike rack, not too shabby!  Layne also came by to pick up his jacket/license from me.

Once we got home, I realized that I took off the house key from my chain of keys when we went bike riding the other day.  Yes, we were locked out of our house.  All our windows are SEALED shut as well because the wood warped during the warm/freezing weather.  I tried using a card to slide the lock open for a while, but Peter was getting frustrated and I stopped.  I can't deal with his frustration a lot of the time... he's so impatient when it comes to certain things, but I wasn't about to call a damn locksmith for a stupid thing (Teri, where are you when I need you?!).  While I was looking for a number, Peter tried his luck with the card and guess what?  The door opened!  Hah.  Now I wish I just kept at it so *I* opened the door and he would learn to be more patient and see how awesome my ideas are.  Lol.

With that said, I'll be locking the deadbolt as well from now on ;)  That or teach Lexi how to unlock doors.

The rest of the night consisted of a 2 hour nap, football, and eating junk food.  Loves it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mountain Bikes

I've been wanting to get a mountain bike for a very long time.  I especially wanted one just in case I found a job somewhere close to my house and it was close enough to bike to.  I posted a "want ad" on Craigslist on Friday and made a deal to pick-up a bike by Saturday morning!  On Sunday morning, Peter & I headed out to Fort Collins to pick-up a bike from a guy.  Once I saw him, I knew I was getting a good deal!  As it turns out, his family are cycling enthusiasts.  They were pretty hardcore.

This bike is used, several years old (7 or 8), but still in good condition and a quality bike.  It's a Torker Alpental.  I looked it up online since I never heard of it, once I saw all the details I knew I should get it.  It's not your mass-market, run of the mill mountain bikes from a chain store.  It's a $200-$300 bike equipped with Shimano components.  The bike is 18 speed and complete with grip shifts.  He also installed reflectors on the front & back of the bike and a cute little bell (this bike was his daughter's).  He also lubed it before selling it to me!  For $25, I think it's a steal!

I rode it around that same morning since it was really nice out.  It would've been nice to have Peter riding with me!  I tried to take Lexi with me while biking, but I think she still needs to learn not to get excited and run in front of the wheels.  The seat is pretty hard, but it's replaceable!  Overall, I am satisfied.  

After getting my bike, Peter wanted one.  It'll be a good way for us to hang out, have fun, and get a work out at the same time.  We both are in dire need of that!  I found this Mongoose EFX bike on Craigslist (Yes, Craigslist is my friend!).  It retails for $130 in stores, but I got it down to $40 (from $55!).  We'll be picking it up tomorrow! I read a lot of good reviews for this bike and for our purposes, it will do just fine.  I don't think we'll be hitting up the trails anytime soon anyway, especially with the unpredictable weather.  For casual riding around town and bike trails, we're set to go!

I know, it's November, but you never know with Colorado weather.  It can be really cold one day and beautiful the next.  Today would've been a good day to go, but I forgot about daylight savings time and it was dark by the time I realized the time!  Grrr.  Hopefully tomorrow Peter & I will be able to ride around for a little bit before he has to go back to work!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween & Costume Arsenal

For Halloween, I was Little Red Riding Hood.  Unfortunately, we were in a rush due to already being late and Peter & I never took photos of our costumes.  I also couldn't find my little camera, so I didn't take any photos at all on Halloween!  That's a first for me.  I must certainly be getting old.  The LRRH costume was pretty impromptu.  I was debating all day on a back-up costume just in case my original costume didn't come in on time.  I searched through the mall, Wal*Mart, & Target.  I knew I didn't want to spend more than $10 & I so LRRH it was.

  • Red Fabric - $2.75
  • Basket - $3.00
  • Knee High Socks - $2.00
It was 8PM by the time I got home (I waited for the mailman & took a nap to sleep off the remaining alcohol from the night before).  I had less than 2 hours to get my costume together!  I actually SEWED my cape/hood.  Albeit, it was a really crappy sew job, but I was in a rush!  Most people couldn't tell I sewed it myself anyway.  Lol.  I covered my basket with 'spider webs' and filled it with candy rather than breakfast for grandma.

Overall, it was a success!  I really loved my knee high socks.  I loved rocking them in middle school and I'll be getting more soon!  Peter decided to be Allen from "The Hangover."  We could've got a baby carrier & the baby and all that, but again, no time!  Once we were ready we headed over to a party.  Parties these days seem so lame compared to the ragers back when I was in college.  We were one of the oldest ones there and it was a bit strange, but whatever, I had fun.  After the party we ended up eating at Taco Rapidos, which was awesome!

 It was a great night overall.  Glad I wasn't hanging at all the following day.  Thanks to daylight savings, we got an extra hour of sleep!  I was originally going to be a race car driver/danica patrick.  I'll just save that costume for an upcoming year or some kind of party.

Wet Seal currently has a deal for additional 50% off on Halloween items.  A lot of the costumes were already marked down so w/ the additional 50 off, they were a steal!  When they say that Halloween is an excuse to dress like a slut, I am indeed guilty.  I like 'slutting it up' every so often ;)  I'll be set for the next 4 years of Halloween!  Photos of my purchases below.  
  1. Original costume - Race car driver, Danica Patrick 
  2. Beer Wench - would make a great Gretel costume or fun to wear on St. Patrick's Day
  3. Sailor - originally $80! got it for $10.  it's a steal! 
  4. French Maid - back-up costume

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aunty Leoning

I finally got to talk to my aunty today.  She sounded a bit rough and she was clearly struggling a little with every breath.  She is in much better shape now though compared to 2 weeks ago.  Her recovery has been very rapid.  She's actually back home on Maui now and instead of staying at our house, she's staying at her son's house for the time being so that she doesn't have to climb up our stairs all the time.

The procedure they did on her was pretty risky to say the least.  Any surgery involving the heart is pretty risky.  Her aorta was fully calcified and needed to be replaced.  She also had to replace a valve.  They cooled her body down and stopped her heart while they performed surgery.  She was literally "dead" for 5 hours while they fixed everything in there.

I can't even imagine all the thoughts that would be going through my mind if I had to go through someone like that.  This was her second surgery on her heart, the 1st being a bypass surgery.  Hopefully this surgery was able to buy her just a little bit more time here on this Earth.  I'm just really thankful to the Lord for keeping her safe and answering all our prayers on her behalf.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Out & About With Life.

I didn't mean to be MIA.  I just haven't been able to log-on to this thing for a while.  I actually missed blogging and reading other blogs.  I promise to sign-up for internet service within the next week.  Seriously.  LOL.  Besides, my promotional period for my G1 phone & 3G services are going to end in a couple of days.  I can't hijack the i-net from my phone for much longer. Boo!

So anyway, a slight recap of my life from the past 9 days.  I've actually been out & about a few times ;)  Let's play catch up.

Friday the 16th - Sushi 1 & Panera
Shari was in town visiting.  Shawn called me up to have lunch and they picked me up to head to Sushi 1.  We had some great conversations and did a lot of catching up.  Thankfully it wasn't busy at all.  We also scored dessert on-the-house, a banana lumpia (seriously) type dish w/ vanilla ice cream & graham cracker crumbles.  Sometimes it pays to know the owner & date the manager of the restaurant ;)

I hung out with Peter for a bit during his break.  Then, Shari, Layne, & I headed to Centerra to browse around for a bit.  We didn't buy anything, but I did fall inlove with a FourSquare snowboarding jacket.  Now that I'm reminded about it, I'd like to go back and purchase it.  Perhaps on Sunday?  I probably shouldn't, but it's only $99!  Hah.  

Then we headed over to Layne's house and hung out with the house around the dinner table.  Always nice to hang out with old friends.  Layne then treated Shari & I to dinner at Panera.  I've never had it before, but I enjoyed the onion soup & my sandwich.  I also liked the whole ambience of the place.

Saturday the 17th - Old Chicago's
Peter cooked some bacon & rice for breakfast.  Although, I can't quite remember why I was up early enough to even eat breakfast.  I intended to be productive, but instead I ended up entering a bunch of sweepstakes and Shawn called me to have some dinner with the boys.  I haven't hung out with Kevin & Jayson since Marcus', so I decided to go.  We headed to OC's and I just drank 2 long island iced teas and ate a big cookie a la mode.  Yum!  It was nice to reminisce and laugh about past shenanigans.  Once I got home, Peter & I just hung out and watched "Hitch."

Sunday the 18th - Denver + Chinese Restaurant
Peter spent the morning at Nathan's while I slept in... per the usual.  He brought home KFC for me to fill my tummy!  After that I started getting ready to head to Denver.  We got to Denver pretty early so went to Jamba Juice first and I tried the Fruity Pebbles flavor for the first time.  Dude making my drink looked unsure of how to make it, but it turned out pretty similar!  Then we headed to Target since we had more time.  I saw Guitar Hero World Tour game for $12, so I decided to buy it :)  Peter also got a movie, "Green Street Hooligans."

We met up with Peter's family at this chinese restaurant (I can't remember the name!  Peter took me there before) to celebrate his little sister's 22nd birthday.  It was interesting observing how everyone interacts with each other.  Peter's mother also always fails to remember I'm not Korean.  Although, my brain seems to think it understands Korean.  LOL.  It reminded me of how my cousin in London would speak to Peter in a Filipino language and Peter would just reply without realizing it.  All in all, the food was really good and so was the cake that Peter's brother bought.  

Once we got home we popped in the movie, "Green Street."  It's an independent film based on the futbol firms in England.  I enjoyed it quite a lot.  Charlie Hunnam is quite yummy in the movie.  There's something about the English that attracts me.  Must be the accent.  Seriously.  I'm dying to go back to England.  This movie didn't help.

Monday the 19th - Denver vs. Chargers @ OC's
Peter brought home some udon soup w/ shrimp tempura for lunch for me.  I am truly spoiled.  Hehe!  It was delicious.  Weirdly enough, my tooth started hurting really bad afterwards.  I couldn't function.  After Peter went back to work, I decided to sleep off the pain.  I texted Shawn to cancel on our plans for the night.

During my nap, someone knocked on the door... it was Pascal.  LOL.  I was a bit surprised he showed up.  I told Peter to tell him I was watching the game with the boys at Old Chicago's and that he was welcome to join us.  I didn't really expect him to accept.  I felt bad canceling on him since he was already here, so I decided to get changed quickly and we met up with the boys.  Skyler joined us this time and Kyama was there again too.  It was funny having all 7 of us crowded around such a little table at the bar.  Peter joined us for the last moments of the game.  BRONCOS WON!  We are now 6-0.  I am so glad I went.  It was a GREAT game.  After the game, Pascal, Shawn, & Kymana came over to drink some more and hang out.  Pascal must think I'm a lightweight or something since I have yet to drink more than a sip around him.  Lol.

Wednesday the 21st - Possible Employment!
The night before I was feeling really lucky for some reason.  It was moreso on the lines of perhaps winning some prizes, but the news I got was even better.  I received TWO call backs today (finally!!) for some openings I applied for.  The funny thing is, for one of those positions, I accidentally sent in an UNFINISHED cover letter.  As in, I wasn't done changing out the names, etc.  SO I had the header text correct, but the body of the cover letter still had ANOTHER companies name in it.  Yet, they still called back.  Awesome!  

The 1st call was from the Weld County School District and I scheduled to meet with the guy 'informally' the same day.  I kept saying "yah" during the interview.  I wanted to slap myself, but I couldn't STOP.  Seriously, WTF.  He gave me a lot of positive responses though and made it seem like he was trying to sell ME the job?  He told me he liked what he heard and would most likely call me back to schedule the real interview for next week.  He "wants to see how the others react to me."  In that case, I'll make it good!

Later that night I watched "Live Free or Die Hard" with Peter.  It was a pretty good movie!  The night before that (Tuesday) we watched "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and the night before that we watched "Transformers."  We're on a roll with watching movies huh?  

Thursday the 22nd - DirecTV hooked up!
After 3+ months of no cable, we finally got DirecTV hooked up!  It's actually not even fully hooked up yet, but the guy set us up for now.  He has to come back once the pole is set-up so that we get better reception.  Peter was pissing his pants with happiness once the TV got hooked up.  LOL.  I got a great deal for $19.99 a month -- 150+ channels -- 3 months of Showtime and some other things.  Peter now has access to 10+ sports-specific channels.  Honestly, there's so many channels I don't know what to watch.  I rarely ever watch TV anyway so I don't know what time things are on or any of that.  So far I've just watched old reruns, the food network, & the history channel.  Yep.

I also entered a good amount of Twitter contests, which I'm sure annoyed some of my 'followers.'  Honestly, those posts were nothing compared to some of the people I follow on my list.  LOL.  I'm just giving your twitter some action, guys ;)  Besides, it's quite an easy way to possibly win things.

Friday the 23rd - I'm In For Round 2!
Friday's are usually quiet on my end.  It's quite the opposite of what it used to be.  I woke up pretty late, 1pm to be exact.  I must've been cold.  When it's cold, I sleep like a bear.  I'm thankful I didn't have dreams like I did the past couple of days.  While I took a nap on Thursday, I had a good dream that suddenly turned sour.  I ended up dreaming that I beat the shit out of this bitch and I was compelled to physically throw a punch while I was dreaming as well.  My effort to throw that punch woke me up, of course.  That was probably the best.  I woke up pretty angry.  Haha!  

Anyway, Peter kept stepping on 'pokies' today so I ended up vacuuming everything.  I hate the fact that I have to vacuum twice a week because the dogs just shed too much.  Mostly Lexi.  I guess shaving her fur that one time wasn't such a good idea.  Ever since then she's shed like crazy.  I also finished up washing the rest of the dishes to make room on the counter and the sink.  I intended to cook beef mushroom for dinner, but the mushrooms prematurely went bad :(  They were slimy and looked sketchy.  I ended up cooking chopped steak with onions instead.  It turned out pretty good!  Just a little on the chewy side.  I don't know if a bit of freezer burn had something to do with that since I cooked it on LOW.  I still have much to learn in the world of cooking.

Oh, this afternoon, I did get a call back from the Weld County School District!  I scheduled my formal interview for Monday at 8AM.  I think being the first interviewees has a lot of benefits.  I plan on printing up some projects and perhaps also a portfolio of some work I've done.  This is an Administrative Assistant position w/ benefits and also serves as the back-up Substitute Secretary (which means, higher pay for the days she's absent!).  He said he's working on getting a raise for this position and made it seem like it was A LOT of work. I really don't mind.  I'd rather be kept busy at work than stay idle.  

I really hope I get this position.  I really want to get out of the house and be working full-time.  Starting at 7:30am doesn't really appeal much to me though, but hey, at least I'd be done by 4:30pm!  The place is also close enough for me to bike to.  I'm looking at getting a mountain bike something this week-- a used one, for cheap, until I can afford a better one.  

Lastly, tonight I bought 6 tickets to the Nuggets home opener!  They're playing the Utah Jazz on Wednesday and everyone in attendance will get a FREE LIFT TICKET TO COPPER MOUNTAIN & bam bams.  Yay!  I mostly want to go for the lift ticket.  Haha.  I love Copper, but an $80 day pass isn't quite affordable at the moment.  So on Wednesday, it'll be Me, Peter, Shawn, Pascal, Jayson & his date (?).  Just me and the boys!  I finally get to wear my Billups jersey too!  I'll probably slap Jay if he wears anything Jazz related.  For serious.

Yes, I totally wrote a novel.  I told ya I missed blogging!  It's like my daily record of my life.  Surprisingly, I've been out and about huh?  Hahah!  You know, I think I just really need to start hanging out with the friends I have here before they all start leaving.  Peter & I were reflecting just a few weeks ago how we're kind of alone here.  Then it turned out his childhood friend lived right across the street.  It's just really nice to actually have people to watch the football games with now!  Maybe I'll start branching out and start inviting more kids to come out when the opportunity arises.

And I just realized, wasn't I supposed to go on a beer tour today?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Build-A-Bear Frankie Poo

The great thing about my boyfriend -- he always humors my childish nature and my want need to indulge in anything and everything that induces childhood euphoria.  Even if that entails poking, tickling, and scaring him every chance I get.  Although, he now flinches/jerks after every slight movement I make, thinking I've got something planned under my sleeve, but what are ya gonna do?  I keep him on his toes ;) 

I am quite notorious for trying to scare people.  If you're a good friend of mine, chances are I've probably tried to scare you at least once during our friendship.  It is also very likely that I've gotten you REAL good (Jalene? Lol) ... HAHAH.  I am seriously going to start taking videos of the moments I try to scare Peter I've gotten him SO good these past weeks.  I am cracking up just thinking about it.  The great part is, no matter how scared he gets, we both get a laugh out of it. Mostly me of course.  One instance:
As Peter prepared some food to cook, I snuck into the kitchen while he grabbed things out of the fridge.  He stood up and was awfully close to seeing me... so as he halfway closed the door, I pounced up and screamed "BOOO!"  Oh man, I laughed so hard.  I'm a ninja.
Now, we originally planned to go to the mountains today so I could bask in the autumn beauty, but he got off of work late and it was pretty windy.  You think the leaves would still be pretty shades of gold & red?  Man, I always miss autumn in the mountains.  Maybe one day.

Instead, we horsed around for a bit.  I played with my prizes from Shakefire.  I am inLOVE with my Tale of the Despereaux lunchbox!  It's tin, like I wanted, and just pretty nifty.  Peter likes it too!  We finally got off our butts once it started getting dark and headed over to Shops at Centerra.  We headed directly towards the Build-A-Bear store!  I can't tell you how excited I get everytime.  We went there with the intention of getting me a Pander bear (panda), but they didn't have the one I wanted.  Peter suggested I get the Polar Bear and after much deliberation, I did!  Hehe.  I think I overstuffed him though, I hope I can go back and getting him.. unstuffed?  Lol.  But I love him none-the-less!  We named my new bear Frankie.  He's a cute one!

I also got the simple Chocolate Cub bear for a future Christmas gift for my mom.  I think she'd like it.  His name is Sammie.  I think I might go back again and get another bear for my bro's girlfriend, Dianne.  Peter & I paid seperately so that we could take advantage of the $5 off $10+ bears.  We got two bears for under $20!  Not too bad.  My Build-A-Bear army is now 4 strong!  Champ, Mo, (Crap I forgot her name), & Frankie.  Yes, I name all my stuffed animals.  Yes, I still remember all my stuffed animals names from when I was 3 years old.  Did I mention I'm a kid?

After that, we had Pho in Loveland for dinner.  Wish they had a Pho place in Greeley.  Perhaps I'll need to just open one here.  Haha.  It was delicious!  I love Bo Vien.  Yum Yum.  Peter has definitely influenced my palette over the years.  Now it's my turn!  I'm going to cook him all these Filipino dishes and probably cause a premature heartattack in the future.

Once we got home, I shredded all the chicken breast that I boiled earlier for chicken sandwiches while we watched Wedding Crashers.  Chicken, mayo, & pineapples!  It was my first time making the mix, once again based on what my mom makes, and it was delicious!  I made myself 2 sandwiches and have a whole tupperwear full for more sandwiches over the next couple of days.  I am on a cooking spree!

So.. time w/ bf, build-a-bear, meatball pho, chicken sandwiches, & wedding crashers.  Life is where it should be.

Did I mention that today I finally set-up a date to install TV?  I can honestly do without TV, but Peter's been dying without it.  LOL.  150+ channels, 9 channels of showtime for 3 months, free install, free ship, free year of service coverage -- $19.99 for 12 months.  Not bad.  I got the runaround with DirectTV afterwards though since the rep that setup my account gave me 'wrong information' .. Last rep I talked to didn't help me too much, but at least we had a nice convo about Colorado, snowboarding, skateboarding, & huskies.  HAH!