Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mountain Bikes

I've been wanting to get a mountain bike for a very long time.  I especially wanted one just in case I found a job somewhere close to my house and it was close enough to bike to.  I posted a "want ad" on Craigslist on Friday and made a deal to pick-up a bike by Saturday morning!  On Sunday morning, Peter & I headed out to Fort Collins to pick-up a bike from a guy.  Once I saw him, I knew I was getting a good deal!  As it turns out, his family are cycling enthusiasts.  They were pretty hardcore.

This bike is used, several years old (7 or 8), but still in good condition and a quality bike.  It's a Torker Alpental.  I looked it up online since I never heard of it, once I saw all the details I knew I should get it.  It's not your mass-market, run of the mill mountain bikes from a chain store.  It's a $200-$300 bike equipped with Shimano components.  The bike is 18 speed and complete with grip shifts.  He also installed reflectors on the front & back of the bike and a cute little bell (this bike was his daughter's).  He also lubed it before selling it to me!  For $25, I think it's a steal!

I rode it around that same morning since it was really nice out.  It would've been nice to have Peter riding with me!  I tried to take Lexi with me while biking, but I think she still needs to learn not to get excited and run in front of the wheels.  The seat is pretty hard, but it's replaceable!  Overall, I am satisfied.  

After getting my bike, Peter wanted one.  It'll be a good way for us to hang out, have fun, and get a work out at the same time.  We both are in dire need of that!  I found this Mongoose EFX bike on Craigslist (Yes, Craigslist is my friend!).  It retails for $130 in stores, but I got it down to $40 (from $55!).  We'll be picking it up tomorrow! I read a lot of good reviews for this bike and for our purposes, it will do just fine.  I don't think we'll be hitting up the trails anytime soon anyway, especially with the unpredictable weather.  For casual riding around town and bike trails, we're set to go!

I know, it's November, but you never know with Colorado weather.  It can be really cold one day and beautiful the next.  Today would've been a good day to go, but I forgot about daylight savings time and it was dark by the time I realized the time!  Grrr.  Hopefully tomorrow Peter & I will be able to ride around for a little bit before he has to go back to work!


jalene said...

haha thats what Teri wants to do. buy bikes and we bike for exercise. i'm too soft core for his exercising standards. but i won't deny that, i'm a pussy.

Maria said...

lol yeah, that's what he was telling me the other night. i saw some bikes on craigslist on maui that look pretty good. i bet you guys could get some good deals on there and haggle down the prices too :)

it was $65 total for peter & i's bikes. haha. we picked his up today and went out riding during his break. it was really fun!