Saturday, November 28, 2009


I chatted with an old friend today.  He never fails to make me laugh, whether intentional or not.  I enjoy those kinds of friends.  He brought up the obvious past that we never truly confronted head on.  It was always blatantly obvious.  No one could be so naive to not notice a single droplet of that energy.  It was really hard to keep a straight face on during the conversation, without letting a smirk, smile, or bit of laughter slip through.  To dissect someone who in many aspects share many of your own traits is challenging at best.  It's hard to resist and maintain a perfectly good friendship.  It's also relatively easy to ruin a perfectly good friendship over things we selfishly desire.  We're an enigma in a riddle.  An unavoidable addiction I tried to avoid so well.  I love and hate him all the same.  

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