Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scoots Magoots.

This little man is a purebreed West Highland White Terrier.  They are technically, Cairn Terriers, but white.  Imagine that.  He is a 7 month old puppy, 13.5 lbs, and almost fully grown.  He was sitting in a sea of puppies that were going crazy and not once did he bark.  He was very well behaved and cute.

Normally, I am against buying puppies from pet stores, etc.  I just like to visit the pet stores to see all the cute little babies.  This little guy was returned by the previous buyer and it seemed like the store owner was just trying to get rid of him.  Poor little guy.  He was going for a really good price and Peter got really attached to him, so I consented, said yes.  I can't turn down an opportunity for a new doggy!  I love dogs.

The guy gave us an "out the door" price with everything included-- dog + tax + papers (certifying he's a purebreed) + microchip + meds.  Not to mention, he's all up-to-date on shots except for rabies ($5 at the Humane Society!).  We figured we could take care of him and if worse comes to worse and we couldn't bring him to our new place (we're looking at places in Denver), we could find a really good home for him.  

This little guy is such a ... "feminine" dog though.  The only "small" dog I've ever wanted was a Boston Terrier (we couldn't get that one since she was $650!).  I'm not the kind of girl that dresses their dogs up and carries them in their purse.  He's kind of a scaredy cat.  He's trying to mark his territory all over our house, even our Siberian Husky, Zeus.  He cried when I put him in the bathroom to sleep, but he can't sleep in our room until he is fully potty trained.  He already had a poop accident in the house yesterday!  Thankfully, he pooped outside today.  At least he doesn't run away.

He does have a bit of temper though.  He gets really defensive when Zeus tries to play with him. Perhaps this is why he wasn't playing with the other pup's at the store?  Then again, Zeus is also a bit much to handle.  He's 70lbs and poking at this small 13lb dog!  I'm trying to work on that though.  Otherwise, he's a good dog.  He loves to be cuddled, pet, and follows you around everywhere.

Oh yes, we named him Scooter.


jalene said...

he weighs less than Little Guy. wow.

Maria said...

seriously? geez jalene. your cat is FAT! lol jk.

this pup is just small.