Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twitter Contests

I've been transitioning into doing more Twitter contests.  They're rather easy to enter.  Though my friends probably don't enjoy all the messages that I send out.  "SPAM BOT" .. sure.  Most of my friends rarely ever use Twitter anyway except to lurk and update every so often.  In any case, I've made an account geared towards Twitter related giveaways.  The first day, I managed to win a DodgeTag toy from @FamilyFun.  It looks like a game Peter & I will enjoy.  

Currently, most of my focus is on winning Twilight related contests.  Hey, New Moon is coming out soon!  I have Twilight fever.  Nothing gets me going like a bunch of sexy vampires & werewolves ;) Here's some contests to check out:

Twitter Name: @xriyah

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