Friday, November 27, 2009

Louis Vuitton. Seriously?

Oh, I have been absent for my blog.  There's been numerous moments where I've attempted to write up a "New Post" but I never got anywhere with it.  FAIL on my part.  There were a lot of things that I wanted to blog about.  Unfortunately I just didn't.  I spent time with friends, Peter, my pups... amongst other things.

Today was Black Friday.  Peter was gracious enough to go with me to check out the deals.  I wrote out a list of each store and items that I wanted from that store.  However, some of the deals from the ads online clearly did not reflect the prices in store :( I want to go back today and see if there's any other deals out there.

Since Peter worked, I took to the internet to do some shopping!  I ended up buying a sweet new FourSquare snowboarding outfit for myself -- jacket and pants.  It was perfect since I've been eyeing that Jacket for over a month since I saw it at Zumiez!  I got the last one in my size so I am happy! I also bought Peter's "big" present which was a FourSquare Michalira snowboarding jacket for him.  I hope he likes the design... LOL.  I went with a semi-crazy design but with neutral colors to go with his FourSquare pants that he already has.  The reviews for this jacket was solid and he mentioned today he needed a new jacket :) 

I also bought him a family-sized Black & Decker griddle (hey, it benefits me too!).  I didn't realize how big it was soo I had to try and cover part of it up with my jacket and told him not to turn around the whole time.  LOL.  I also bought him "The Office" season 4 and when he put his stuff in the basket he was like "OoOoooo... I saw what you're getting me!"  I guess that evened out the fact that I saw him with "House" in his hands.  We're silly.  Who actually thought you could shop for your significant other when you're WITH them?!  Haha.

Conflict of the day: My brother calls me up saying, "Hey, what kind of Louis Vuitton bag do you want? We're at the LV store with mom." 

Long story short, I thought I almost got out of it when she settled to (and bought) me a bag from Guess.  && then my mom went and kept insisting I find a bag that I want from LV. She kept saying, "All the LV bags you have are my hand-me-downs.  You don't have a bag of your own."  I basically told her I'd rather have a "cheap" bag from Guess and cash to spend on stuff I am interested in like Electronics.  I think that hurt her feelings and she sounded mad at me :(  (man, I just can't justify spending THAT much on a bag!) She pulled the "Alright!  I'll send you the Guess bag and cash.  You and Dianne (my bros gf) can split all my bags when I die" card.  Oh boy.

Yeah ok, so I guess she really wants to get a bag for me because that's the one thing she LOVES.  I understand that.  It would really give her pleasure to get something for me that she really loves.  I can't believe I felt selfish denying her the pleasure by refusing a bag?  I totally think that's what she thinks.  Isn't that so backwards?!  After talking to my bro again tonight, I decided to just go with the dang bag.  I can't believe I got talked into this.  Hello Louis Vuitton bag.  

I don't know what my mom was on today (she bought herself and my bro's gf an LV bag)... but OK mom, be happy and buy me the bag.  I have to send my bro a style that I like tomorrow.  I'm eyeing the Totally PM in Damier Canvas.  At least this style is less noticeable than the monogram canvas.  Maybe I'll change my mind when I wake up...

I seriously don't need anymore bags than I already have.  Hmm..  is it normal to already know everything I'm getting for christmas?  That kind of sucks.  Where's the element of surprise these days?  Am I that hard to shop for?  Boooo.


jalene said...

haha i've been eyeing the wallet in that style, but man its twice as expensive as my lv bag. definitely can't justify that. plus i feel in love with Sally, my Gucci wallet so thats where my first pay check went ;)

Maria said...

man, i can't even justify spending $100 on a bag right now. lol. maybe if i was a super successful business woman. maybe. i just don't enjoy it as much as i would a camera, computer, or playstation. hahah. guess its all personal taste.

i do like the damier canvas though.. i've been wanting a white/light colored bag.

Gucci aye? dang girl, you got expensive taste! hehe.