Monday, November 9, 2009

Trekkin' It

Peter got off of work early last night so we decided to go on a bike ride.  We were both pretty hungry so we biked down towards 16th St. first to get some food.  We planned on going to DP Dough, but "Taste of Philly" caught Peter's eye and we decided to go there.  The guy was cool enough to let us bring our bikes in and eat inside.  The philly cheesesteaks were absolutely delicious!  Wow.  The meet was perfectly tender, super hot and fresh, and the bread went well with everything.  I enjoyed it.

After that we headed towards Bittersweet Park on 35th Ave.  We ended up biking all the way to Sushi 1 and back to our house for a total of 9 miles!  Wow.  I can't believe we biked 9 miles at 11 o'clock at night.  It didn't even feel like a "workout" really.  It was moreso fun and enjoyable!  Haha.  Although, I was really sketched out a lot of the time because it was so late and some areas had no light at all.  You never know what could happen in Greeley.  There's a lot of crazies out there!  It was fun though.

Today, we went on a tour at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Fort Collins with Shawn & Keilyn.  For a free tour, it wasn't too bad!  My nose was definitely not agreeing with all the smells though.  Haha.  The beginning smelt like dog food, but it was neat seeing the time lapse of their packaging, marketing, and advertising over the years.  At the end, everyone got 2 samples of beers.  Many people say that drinking beer is an acquired taste.  I'm sorry, but I don't think I will every truly "acquire" that taste.  All beer tastes the same to me.  Beer is beer is beer.  The only time I will drink it is when I'm on a mission to get drunk and it's the only thing available.  With that said, Peter finished off my beers for me.  Haha!

For lunch we headed over to Pho Duy for some delicious pho!!  I love pho.  Haha.  Meatball alll the way.  While we were there, this guy dropped by to drop off the Yakima Rhode Gear bike rack.  $10 for a bike rack, not too shabby!  Layne also came by to pick up his jacket/license from me.

Once we got home, I realized that I took off the house key from my chain of keys when we went bike riding the other day.  Yes, we were locked out of our house.  All our windows are SEALED shut as well because the wood warped during the warm/freezing weather.  I tried using a card to slide the lock open for a while, but Peter was getting frustrated and I stopped.  I can't deal with his frustration a lot of the time... he's so impatient when it comes to certain things, but I wasn't about to call a damn locksmith for a stupid thing (Teri, where are you when I need you?!).  While I was looking for a number, Peter tried his luck with the card and guess what?  The door opened!  Hah.  Now I wish I just kept at it so *I* opened the door and he would learn to be more patient and see how awesome my ideas are.  Lol.

With that said, I'll be locking the deadbolt as well from now on ;)  That or teach Lexi how to unlock doors.

The rest of the night consisted of a 2 hour nap, football, and eating junk food.  Loves it!


Jon said...

All beer tastes the same to you? Were you born without taste buds? Joking, but seriously! I guess they must've gave you guys some generic samples. Next time go on a microbrewery tour. I need to get you to try some of my favorites. It will definitely change your perception.

Maria said...

Nah, wasn't generic. You could choose what you wanted on tap or the special/limited ones from a bottle. Of course each beer tasted "different" in their own way, but it still has the same beer aftertaste to me.

I'm not a beer girl. Nor do I intend to be. Mixed drinks is my thing. I think it's 'cause I've never been a fan of the 'bitter' taste.