Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's 4:30 am, but I just have to blog this.  I am becoming more and more paranoid by the minute.

On Tuesday it snowed overnight, which was awesome because I LOVE snow.  On Wednesday, there was a beautiful white coat of snow over everything.  Peter let the dogs out in the backyard as usual.  Aside from the snow, Peter noticed that there were FOOTPRINTS on our deck that led to our kitchen window.  WTF.  They were fresh footprints because obviously, the snow would've covered them up and who the f&ck would go in our backyard!?  It's OUR private backyard.  It was obviously a boys/men's footprints as well.

Now, I was up the whole time till 8AM Wednesday morning (I can't sleep at regular hours these days and usually sleep only 4-6 hours a day).  I didn't hear anything except these new people that moved downstairs alive and kicking til the early morning.  I didn't think anything of it until Peter told me what he saw.

Now tonight, I fell asleep in the living room and I suddenly start hearing BANGING noises coming from downstairs.  It's 3:30AM what the f&ck man?!  I listen closer and I can hear the dad, an older teenager, and their young son who doesn't seem any older than 6 years old.  It's now 4:30 am and I can still hear them downstairs.

I can't sleep because I am so sketched out!  They were banging around something and then one of them goes outside and I can hear them walking around.  I can hear him poking around or doing something outside, but what?  I didn't hear their car start (it's loud and clear as day when they start it), it's 4AM, 7 degrees outside.  They're not smoking outside because they've been smoking inside ever since the fucking day they moved in!

I am getting freakin paranoid because something is NOT right here.  I'm a night owl and apparently they ALL are too?  However, who let's their young child stay up in the wee hours of the morning like that?  Does this kid not go to school?  I don't want to pass judgement, they seemed nice at first, but now I am just annoyed at everything.  

These people are heavy smokers and I don't know why, but apparently they are allowed to smoke in the house!  This REALLY annoys me, especially because we were asked if we smoked before we signed the contract.  There is nothing in our lease that blatantly states that smoking is prohibited in the house.  Therefore, Peter went down and nicely asked if they could smoke outside because our house shares a central AC/heating system.  Therefore, all the vents in the house are interconnected.  Unfortunately, smoke rises UP and even worse gets SUCKED THROUGH the vents when the heater turns on.  Moreso, because of the weather, the wood windows warped and we haven't been able to open any of our windows for MONTHS now (this may be a good thing I guess if someone tried to break in).  All the smoke gets caught in OUR house and is making our whole house wreak of the stench.  I've had to open my doors on 30 degree nights because I couldn't breathe.  I fucking hate smoke with a passion.  These people were good about smoking outside for TWO days.  I've resorted to covering our vents with Saran Wrap because they just smoke all freakin day.

I don't have a problem with people smoking.  That's your fucking business.  If you're around me and you're smoking, I'd just walk away and come back when you're done.  Unfortunately, I can't leave my own house and these people simply can't go outside and have to subject me to this poison.  I know it's like, "why should they bend over their ways because I don't smoke?"  But where the fuck is the common courtesy?  Obviously, I can't go outside in 10 degree weather everytime you're smoking.  You're doing it all day!  I don't smoke for a reason.  I could never handle the smell, my nose is incredibly sensitive, and I can't breathe around that stench.  Most importantly, second hand smoke is HORRIBLE for you.  

A call to my landlord will be going out soon.  We are getting out of our contract one way or another!  I'll have to site the clause in the lease "Refrain from activities and/or noise or practices which disturb other TENANTS or neighbors."  They are certainly disturbing my livelyhood.  Peter & I should not have to suffer because of my landlord or these tenants.  This place is overpriced, these people are using OUR driveway (yes it's ours. says so in our contract.), and I just want to get the hell out of here.

Goodness, I just really freakin` hate people sometimes.  The more annoyed I get, the more I'll give back a taste of their own medicine.  Good thing I have two huge doggies that like to run around a lot.  If only I could teach them to bite on command.

/end rant

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vanessa joie said...

Ugh! I would be way freaked out.