Wednesday, October 14, 2009

32 Months & Counting

Happy 2 years and 8 months to Peter & I!  32 months, wow, where has all the time gone?  That's practically an eternity to be with a person... Hahah.  Seriously.  

Anyway, tonight I attempted my mom's Pork & Peas recipe.  I picked up a ~5lb bag of pork butt the other night for $5.50 so I made a big batch!  I'm always scared to try out new recipes, but so far so good.  I haven't experienced too many blunders and I am quite pleased with myself.  Considering the fact that my mom does not go off of cookbooks, she just tells me the ingredients & procedures with no precise measurements (lbs, tbsp, etc.), I'm getting better at guesstimating!  Now, my pork & peas didn't taste exactly like mi madre's, but it was quite similar.  Peter loved it and went back for seconds.  I'd say mission = success.  We also have enough left overs for a meal or two!  Yay.

Up next, I'll try my hand at Beef Mushroom.  I'm slowly building up my portfolio of dishes guys!

In other news, I received my tickets from today.  5 tix to Denver Nuggets vs. Dallas Mavericks in December!  I took advantage of the Family Night deal for when my family comes up for Christmas.  For a total of $110.00 I got:

  • 5 game tickets - 3rd level, 2nd row seating
  • 5 pepsis
  • 5 meals: choice of hot dog, pizza, nacho deluxe, salad, philly cheese steak, hamburger, or chicken tenders w/ fries
I tried finding tix to a Broncos game as well, but getting 5 seated together at a decent price is nearly impossible!  Hopefully I'll win the Canon Sweepstakes and win 4 tix to a game & a camera!  I saw that camera last night at Best Buy and it is freakin` beautiful.  I wanted to cry.  15MP, IS lens, ahhh.  I want!

I've gotten myself back into sweepstakes this past week, so hopefully I'll be getting some decent wins in the near future :)  So far this month I've managed to snag some things here and there.
  • 2 tix to a Denver Nuggets preseason game (but I never claimed them since I couldn't go)
  • Dark Knight collector pin set
  • Tale of the Despereaux lunch box
  • Pink Super Bad trucker hat
  • Shorts Frisbee
  • Leather GHOST RIDER wallet with chain
  • Speed Racer pins
  • Random movie shirt
  • Push Play hat
  • The Ugly Truth wife beater (L)
  • Back To The Future Blue Fanny Pack
  • Snow White Blu-ray combo pack with DVD
I missed a package  yesterday when Peter & I went to watch "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs."  (It's just an "OK" movie, btw.  I think I was expecting too much.  We should've watched Inglorious Basterds instead!)  I hope it's all my goodies from Shakefire!  We're planning on maybe going to the mountains tomorrow, but hopefully I don't miss it.

Thank you Lord for all your blessings and being with my aunty today.  I could never fathom the depth of Your love.  Your love truly knows no boundaries.  (More on this later...)

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