Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Saw the headline within minutes of it breaking the news...  "Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize."   Ever since then, Obama and everything nobel prize related became a trending topic on Twitter .  The story made front page on every search engine out there and every other news agency.  Facebook status' slowly trickled in congratulating the President, etc.

Now, I'm not really one for politics... let's just get that out there.  I choose not to get involved in discussions and don't have much of a passion for it.  I do however enjoy reading the news and be "in-the-know" about world happenings.  My first reaction to this news was give or take "What?  WTF?  He didn't even do anything yet!"  

Don't get me wrong, I voted for the guy, but... something struck me as awkward (?) or wrong (?) about this whole thing.  He is still in the infancy of his presidency, 10 months to be exact.  He's made great leaps and bounds in terms of foreign policy thus far, but we have yet to see the fruits of his labor.  What has he done to warrant this highly prestigious award?  He was nominated for the prize within 2 weeks of taking office.  Seriously?  I'll stay optimistic, but I think there were much more people deserving of this award.

This commentary by Aaron Miller - Commentary: Obama's prize doesn't 'feel right' - basically covers my whole thought process.  An excerpt from his closing...
"The award says more about the world's love affair with Barack Obama and its collective sigh of relief that George W. Bush is gone than it does about the president's substantive foreign policy accomplishments. And in the end, America doesn't want to be loved by the world; we want to be admired and respected, and that will depend not on celebrity, process or celebration that the Democrats are back in office, but on real foreign policy accomplishments."

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