Sunday, August 30, 2009

When In London.

London has been great thus far.  Everything is damn expensive.  Everyone is hustlin` & bustlin'.  The streets are lively.  Never a lack of uninteresting passersby.  The accents.. oh the accents!  I love it.

I am so fascinated with my little nephew (my cousin's son!) everytime he speaks.  Even my cousin & his wife's accents have changed.  So awesome.  Hahah!

We've pretty much seen all the staples here in London.  Most of the must-sees.  We didn't do any tours or go inside really.  We missed our chance to see inside Westminster Abbey due to my misjudgement on the Tube rails/paths.  We ended up walking another 20 minutes to get to the church.  By then the service was ending :(  Ugh.

We did take a tour of the Chelsea stadium (Soccer/Futbol) today though.  This was moreso for Peter than me.  Haha.  He looked like a little kid in a candy store, all googly-eyed & drooling at the site before him.  He's happy now.

As long as we get to go to Stonehenge, I will be satisfied.  Seriously.  That's all I want to see.  Anyhow, I'm pretty pooped.  Night night.


Leyton Rhys said...

im glad youre blogging from there. more pics, please.

jalene said...

have you gone to the pubs then eaten kebab's after? eaten chips?