Thursday, August 20, 2009

Testing G1 Pixelpost

Taking a drive to Denver.  We have the same look on our face.  Haha!  I was testing out this application on my g1 and I guess it uploaded this photo to both of my blogs.  Strange.  I'll have to change that setting.  It's pretty nifty though.  I'm wondering if I'll have internet access on my phone while I'm in London?  I hope so!  I'll need to make a call to T-mobile as well to get the unlock code for my Blackberry.  Just in case... ya never know.  I'm sure they'll give me the code, even though I've had the phone for less than a year.  I've been with T-mobile for over 10 years now!  Seesh.  Have I really had a phone that long?!  Crazy.

Anywho, after I write up these invoices and send them out, I need to make a few phone calls and get things in order.  I also need to look for more jobs and write more cover letters.  At least Wellsfargo e-mailed to say I can schedule an appointment with them.  That's one opportunity!  This job hunting thing is getting depressing.  Haha.  At least I have London to look forward to!

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Eugenia said...

Hey I tagged you for a photo tag in my blog :)