Monday, August 17, 2009

My Babies

As promised, photos of my little big babies that I love so so much.  We've had Lexi for as long as Peter & I have been together.  Zeus became a part of the family about 8 months later.  I  gave these two munchkins a MUCH needed bath today.  Lexi was VERY well behaved, as expected.  Zeus on the other hand.... I wanted to kill him.  He was a nightmare!  Every chance he got, he would try to shake off all the water in his coat.  Lexi didn't get me wet at all, but Zeus... oh man.  The boy got me soaked!  Aside from his misbehaving, I have two fresh, clean babies now.  I brushed them both at least 5 times.  I need to brush them again tonight.  Oh the beauty of having a huskies!


Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful! I love animals! They are really quite stunning. Do you mind if I repost the three photos of just the dogs with proper credit to your blog?

Maria said...

thank you! sure, you can repost them. as long as there's credit :)

thanks for following my blog!