Friday, August 14, 2009

Asher Ida.

My pretty sweet hoodie that I bought yesterday! It's a Matix Asher Ida hoodie. I normally wouldn't wear purple, ever, but I think it went well with the mix of grays & black. Plus, I can't see the purple insides & the purple in the back, so it doesn't bother me as much. As long as I don't see the color 24/7, I can tolerate it! Haha. Strange logic indeed.  It's originally $67.95, but I got it for $20. Yay!  I love deals.

Yesterday Peter & I went down to Denver and went to Park Meadows. I got the hoodie, MAC eyeliner, & $13 worth of white & milk chocolate covered gummy bears from Sweet Factory. A bit indulgent with the sweets. Totally worth it though! I love chocolate covered gummy bears!

We finally got home after a looong drive & ran into a crazy old man carrying a rock, looking for a certain place. Peter tried to help the man out, but he quickly became irate, & ended up arguing with Peter. LOL. Something was truly not right with the guy. I was afraid he was going to come back and smash my car windows in >_<

After some lounging around & eating a bunch of junk food, Peter & I played some scrabble! I beat him! Twice! I hope he's up for a rematch tonight. Lol. He needs to increase his vocabulary. It's rather hard trying to work with 3, 4, sometimes 5 letter words after a while. Haha. He'll get better, hopefully!

Today, I turned in a cover letter & resume for this position I really want. It's located in Fort Collins though, but *cross fingers* I hope I have a chance at it at least!  Please, please, please.  Until I get a call back, I'll just have to wait and see and send out more cover letters & resumes.  Such is life.

Lastly, it's been 2 1/2 years since Peter & I have been together.  What a milestone eh?  Who would've thunk it?!

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