Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tuesday's Adventures.

Peter & I went on a late afternoon hike in Boulder and brought our babies along with us.  We got to Boulder at 6PM and had about 2 or so hours before sundown to complete the hike.  In essence it was a race against time and I had no idea what was in store for us on the trail.  Within the first 1/2 mile my legs tightened, my lungs burned, & my heart, my poor heart, was ripping through my chest.  So much for telling Peter, "I hope you're in shape, baby.  They say its a moderately strenuous hike."  Despite the absence of exercise in my life, I fair well in most physical activities.  I carelessly forgot to factor in the mile-high altitude change which I have not yet readjusted to.  My mistake.

I kept trucking along, trying not to let my face, breathing, or stance betray me by showing too many signs of weakness.  Too proud.  Too out-of-shape.  Haha!  We hiked through a scenery of forests, rock clusters, large boulders, stone steps, & climbing 1,200+ft in a matter of 2 miles (one way).  We finally reached our destination, The Royal Arch.  Who said a trip to Utah is required to see & enjoy beautiful natural arches crafted & shaped by natures hands?  The arch was much larger than I expected.  Not to mention the view... oh the view.  Simply fantastic.  I loved just sitting on the boulder overlooking the city of Boulder and further down south, Denver.  Yes, I could see Denver from here.  In this moment, I could see God's creation before me.  Breathtaking.

Sometimes I wonder if Peter sees what I see in nature?  I always get a casual, "The view's alright."  Never an, "Amazing. Beautiful. Lovely."  It baffles me.  How can you not be in awe?  How can you not fully appreciate the beauty of it all, simple as it may be?  Maybe I'm too simple.  Maybe I just enjoy nature.  Maybe I see beauty in different things.  To each his own.  At least we got a work out ;)

On our way back down, twilight took over as the sun said goodbye.  We made it out of the trees & into the meadow with just a tinge of sunlight leftover.  The sky served as a backdrop for the Rocky Mountains in beautiful shades of dark blues, purples, & pinks stretching into the night. Perfect. 

Next up: Wednesday's Adventures.

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