Friday, July 17, 2009

That Soon?

Wow.. a month & a half sure has flown by.  Has it really been that long since I've been on this island?  Have my senses grown numb to time that I hardly notice the days and the pace at which they progress?  Its bittersweet knowing that I'll soon be going back to Colorado, to the loving arms of my boyfriend & the slobbery kisses of our darlings, Zeus & Lexi.  Yet, I'll be leaving my family, friends, and an extremely comfortable, familiar lifestyle.  Yin & Yang, why must you exist?  The next couple of days won't ease rapid rate of time either.  Maui (Hawaiian Demigod) please capture the sun again and cast a spell on him.  I hope he hears my plea.

Oh, my birthday, that day started out rough.  I was rather irritable actually, but I am not surprised.  My crazy sleeping schedule would make any person irritable.  Not to mention, I've never been a morning person.  Mother's never seem to understand that concept.  Alas, I needed to deal with my vices.  It was imperative to not ruin this day for me.

I was running around cleaning, picking things up, setting things up, etc.  My family & some of the church members came over to our house to eat dinner.  My mother and other family members prepared food such as: dry mein (tastes exacty like sam satos!), bbq pork, fish, arellieno,  shrimp, chicken katsu, puto, etc.  My brother also got what I asked for.. an ice cream cake!!  Yippeee :)  He asked me what I wanted and I told him to get me that.  Haha.

After the family dinner and crazy karaoke singing, my friends came over later that night.  I saw some faces I haven't seen in forever, Rae-ann, Drigo.. it's been YEARS.  Cason, Drigo, & Eric were singing & just jamming on the acoustic + electric guitar.  Rap, Hawaiian, & Heavy Metal all in one?  The sound surprisingly collaborated well with each other.  I had my usual poison-- vodka-- and we all had lots and lots of hookah.  It was burning really well that night and was just plain enjoyable-- minus the negatives parts though which I refused to acknowledge for the time being for fear of ruining my night.  I am grateful for my friends & family.. especially my mother and brother.  I LOVE THEM!  I am thankful for those that greeted me, came to my house, & all those that showed their love.  I truly felt the love.  Thank you!

The next day, Teri, Jalene, Abby, & I went to the mall to have lunch.  I FINALLY got my hands on some meat jun.  Oh how long I've been craving this dish.  It was perfect!  Too  bad it was a bit chilly that day.  We went to Fun Factory to help create some body heat, by way of playing some basketball!  Wow, I didnt realize that the rules changed and they made the gameplay longer.  So much longer that my arm felt crazy and wanted to fall off.  It was fun though!

Today was Diane's LPN graduation.  I arranged her bouquet of 18 roses in my favorite shade of pink too!  Mom & I picked out the flowers and despite our skirmish (shared strong-willed, know-it-all attitude makes for many chances of butting heads!), I put the thing together.  I admit, I felt bad afterwards and still do actually.  *Sigh*  I really need to control my temper around her.  Must work harder at that.  

Anywho, the graduation.. yes, after the ceremony we made our way to Lahaina and ate dinner at Aloha Mixed Plate w/ some of Diane's friends.  I had a lava flow, which tasted like nothing was even in it!  Boo.  I also had the Breaded Teriyaki Beef.  It was alright, but not truly satisfying.  I've had WAY better.  The beef was just overcooked and really crunchy.  Ah well, I'll just have to satisfy that craving another time.

Tomorrow, we're heading to the Kealani Hotel to celebrate Diane's graduation.  Her dad rented a suite for her :)  Yes, more opportunity to get a tan!  I'm excited for the pool & jacuzzi too!  I'm hoping to play Taboo and Cranium too.  On Sunday, it's my cousin's wedding.  Too many things going on.  I just want to sit down and read my book.  I'll actually do that now.

I started on New Moon today.  It hasn't failed me yet.  Enjoying it so far :)

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