Friday, July 3, 2009


When I came home there was a couch and a bunch of other random things in my room.  I guess my family turned my room into a semi-storage in my absence.  I highly dislike coming home with other's people's things in my room, but I guess I really can't do anything about it these days!

My best friend helped me clean up the mess and made a night of it.  We rearranged some things and figured out where to put my newfound couch and other things.  I also moved my bed canopy back a little bit & brought out my bookshelf that I kept in my closet (3rd photo).  We also left the TV on the floor so that I can play xbox while I'm here (thanks to Teri!).  I must say, it's good to be sleeping in my own bed.  I've had the same bed for almost 15 years now and it's simply my favorite place to be :)

I've got more photos to post from the past who knows how many weeks I've been here.  Time is just passing by so quickly.  It's bittersweet.  Going to the beach in a couple of hours.  Yayy!  FINALLY.  My first trip to the beach since I've been home.  Haha.  I am in GREAT need of a tan.  I'll remember to bring a book with me just in case the waves are too big for my liking.  Haha.

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jalene said...

i spy a lens cap.