Friday, July 31, 2009

Hidden Treasures.

Day 9.

Just sitting here outside, under the sun, thinking of you.. passing the time in between classes.  Memories of you come alive as if you were here sitting, watching, & waiting with me.  I do not miss you alone, but I miss you, me, and what we are when we're together.  My heart gently calls your name through the distance.  This is the kind of hurt a heart should be thankful to feel.  It awakens the soul, gives it hope, & captivates beauty in all things.  We should only be lucky to have someone to miss and to realize the depth of their worth in our life.


Raw. Unedited.  Unfiltered.  I'm sure the entry is riddled with grammatical errors.  I'm also sure grammar was the least of my concerns when I wrote this. 

I found this piece, among others, in an old Finance spiral notebook.  Perhaps I did take on Jalene's advice.. years ago.  Albeit, this was a different time and a different person.  It was so secret that.. I completely forgot about it.  So secret that I don't know where I've written the rest of the entries.  I KNOW for a fact, there is a lot more.  I handwrote these entries, though I vaguely remember writing them.  Oh well, I love surprises :)  I'll find them one day.

This was part of my brilliant idea entitled, "120 days of missing you."

The funny thing is... after I read this entry, I had no idea who I wrote this for until I read the other entries ;)  Oh, I crack myself up.  I would normally keep these kinds of things to myself, but I figure enough time has passed since I've written this.  Such a corny, daydreaming sap I am.

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