Sunday, July 26, 2009

Paradox of Life.

This week has been pretty awesome!  I've been trying to spend as much time with friends as I can before I leave.  I fell asleep early last night, perhaps my day-long fit with trying to puke had something to do with it.  I had a slight hangover due to the previous night (amazingly fun might I add), but all I needed to do was puke to make myself feel better, but that was not happening for some reason.

Anyhows, I'll try to summarize the highlights of this past week.

Horrible weather!  The worst it's been since I've been home.  We went hiking through the bamboo forest.  I guess it's called The Four Falls of Na'ili'ili-Haele.  Teri, Jalene, Patrick, John, & I chanced it.  We were soaking wet within minutes of exiting the car and continued to be as we crossed the river numerous times & climbed up the pathways.  We all eventually stopped caring about our shoes/socks getting wet and just stomped our way through the water.  Getting over the 2nd waterfall required climbing up a ladder tied to the guava tree above.  After Jalene & I unsuccessfully tried to find a pathway up the almost vertical dirt hill, we scooted our way back down and managed to get most of our backsides dirty.  Washing off was not going to be a problem.  Getting to the 3rd waterfall required jumping into the river and swimming across the pool to the side of the 3rd fall.  Climbing the rocks lead us to the 4th & final waterfall.  We came upon a 100+ foot waterfall with a wide, deep pool.  If it wasn't for the rain, freezing water, wind, & overall lack of sunlight.. we probably would've all jumped in!  Teri & Patrick were the only ones to brave the cold.  On the way back, the water started to rise.  I could feel nature gathering its strength slowly, quietly.  We left just at the right time.  The boys managed to make it out relatively scathe free.  As for us girls, we each fell twice.  1st time, of all things Teri tries to protect, he tries to grab/hold up my head as I'm falling into the river.  2nd time, some kind of plant cut my hand open an inch.  Jalene managed to pull her groin or some kind of muscle in her leg.  Overall though, that hike was super super fun!  The rain added a lot to the feel of the hike and brought about more challenges.  I'd do that hike again.  Thanks to the rain, the waterfalls were also full of life.

After the hike, we ate at Ichiban.  We headed out to Teri's house, less the two siblings, to play on his dirtbike again.  Unfortunately after Teri pressure washed his bike, it wouldn't start!  They spent over an hour taking the bike apart and cleaning things out, but it just wasn't meant to be that day.  We went home, ate some dinner.  Later that night we played some COD4 at my house & then went to Bev's house for a hookah session.  I'm getting better at making "O's"

This day was probably the hottest day ever!  I was pretty miserable all day and did not know what to do with myself.  I had a headache from the heat.  I laid around all day trying to avoid getting as hot as possible.  Later that night, Jalene came over a bit early with white wine from New Zealand & cheese + crackers.  Thanks to her, I discovered another cheese that I like, Gouda!  It's delicious!  Our other friends joined us later and we got the hookah fired up.  We chilled and played some Taboo as we smoked.  Lovely.

I had dinner with my mother, brother, & his gf at Yakiniku.  I really wanted to do Yakiniku/Korean BBQ style dinner, but nooooo.  Everyone vetoed that suggestion.  I was a bit irked to say the least, & my mother took that as me not wanting to be there with them.  She's been a bit emotional lately I must say.  Lol.  She's been misconstruing my statements a lot these days and making up things in her head.  I also realized I was being a spoiled little girl, so I stopped immediately.  Thank goodness my mother is very forgiving of my antics.  After all, I'm the baby ;)  I had the meat jun + mandoo dish.  Absolutely delicious!  Loved it.

After dinner, I let myself digest for a bit to make room for the rest of the nights events.  I mixed 2 big cups of vodka cranberry (extra vodka, please!) for myself before the girls arrived.  We then all took a shot before heading to the club.  I was worried they wouldn't take my old license as a valid ID, but I got in quite easily!  YAY.  I got about 3 vodka cranberries that night, that I put down in random places and never really drank!  wtf.  Haha.  Joemar, Patrick, & Josh took foreeeever to get in.  It was pretty packed I suppose, at capacity.  I saw a lot of old friends.  I wish I could remember everything/everyone from that night.  LOL.  Too bad my mind was focused elsewhere.

There was a lot of dancing, a lot of walking, and a lot of smiles to go around.  I was definitely in a drunken stupor, but I can't say that alcohol was the sole culprit to my inebriation.  By the time the club closed down, everyone was in their own world.  I jumped in with the boys & we headed over to Denny's.  The girls joined us soon after.  The rest of the night will be stored in my memory box for my amusement.

After Friday night's events, a few revelations, & epiphanies along the way.. I am satisfied. Yet, I am left wanting.  The Paradox of Life.  After you attain one thing, you are left with even more desire.  Things are just never enough.

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