Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weatherman Was Right

hello morning
Sunrise, 4 years ago.. one of my favorite photos.

Majority of my photos on flickr need to be found doing a manual search since my "Pro" account expired months ago. Thats pretty much when I stopped using flickr as well. Publicly, only 200 of my photos are displayed because of the restrictions on basic accounts. I do have hundreds of other photos on there though :)

Anyhow, for once the weatherman was right! I took the dogs out early this morning and it was raining. "Arbis Ti Gracia" (Ilocano) as I'd call it or Showers Of Blessings. I love the smell of rain, especially in the morning.

Tonight I'm having dinner with Layne guys at their new house in Loveland. It'll be nice to spend some time with friends. I'm going to make my cheesecake cookie cupcakes, but I didn't know I only had one box of cream cheese at home. Damnit. I knew I should've bought more. I cant afford to drive again since I have a stick shift. What shall I do in this little predicament? I have a few hours to figure it out. Haha.

Currently, Lexi is sitting at the top of the stairs trying to get my attention. She's telling me she needs to go to the bathroom. Sometimes, I despise how smart she is. A dog that tells you what she wants and is persistent at it until she gets it whether it be needing water, food, attention, or using bathroom. What she's come to understand in these past 2 years boggles my mind. Lol. The newest thing she's learned, "Lexi, where's daddy?" Haha! Its too cute. When I ask her, she'll immediately look towards the door to see if Peter's coming. If she thinks he's almost at the door she starts going up the stairs to look for him. Perhaps having 2 smart dogs is quite entertaining most of the time.

News I've read so far today, will read more later. Too many about death right now:


jalene said...

cheesecake cookie cupcakes sound delicious.

Maria said...

it was quite delicious :)