Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Lovely Kim Samsoon.

Her name is Samsoon.  She is half papillion, half pomeranian.  She weighs about 10lbs and her head is smaller than my hand.  I am stuck with this little monster for the next couple of days.

So far she has peed on me when we were introducing her to our dogs, who by the way, are 5x her size (probably more).  She pooped and peed on my car mats.  She also pooped in the

Lexi grew accustomed to her and quickly became bored of her.  Zeus however.. he must think Samsoon is a little toy or a squirrel or something.  He's still fascinated by her and I spent a good amount of yesterday yelling at him to leave her alone.

Samsoon is Peter's boss' dog.  Of course, I'm left to take care of the dog since Peter works most of the day.  Not to mention this dog requires WAY more work & attention than Zeus and Lexi.  She lacks in training and house manners.  She just walks all over you, bites you, licks your face, etc.  At least she's made it to her puppy pad to poop and pee last night. Ok, and she is cute... but still.. really small.

THANKFULLY... all the dogs have been sleeping for most of the day.  As long as I don't excite any of them, I think I'll be good.  I am completely exhausted by this dog. Peter put her in her cage this morning so that I could sleep.  Once he left... all I heard was barking, howling, & whining.  I finally cracked and let her out of the cage.  She couldn't handle being in there for 10 minutes!!  She was very well behaved once I let her sleep with me though.

I snapped some photos of her... she doesn't stay still for very long.  She's still a puppy and has soo much energy.  & yehh... she currently has double fangs.

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