Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Bebes.

These two are the cutest little munchkins ever.  I love my little bears.  I'll be really sad when I have to leave them for a while :( :(  They're my bebes and I wont be able to see them for almost 2 months!! Lexi is going to be sooo sad :(  I've been with them 24/7 for the past year and awww I just love them to pieces.  I need to get them started on getting all the right shots, microchipped, blood tested etc. so that they can move to Hawaii without having to be quarantined for 180 days :)

Oh yeah, before I forget, I havent entered much sweepstakes lately, but I did manage to get a surprise win in the mail last week.  I got a Mountain Dew Voltage sweatshirt/hoodie.  Its HUGE though.  Haha.  I also got an e-mail yesterday that I won a $5 Jamba Juice gift certificate.  It'll be perfect for when I go home to Hawaii.  Jamba Juice is just down the road from my house :)  Considering how little I've been entering, I think May has been an OK month sweeps-wise.  Here's some earlier wins:
  • 5/1 - 2 Movie Passes - Coke Twist-Txt-Get
  • 5/1 - Monster Energy Drink x2 - Kawasaki
  • 5/1 - 2 posters - SKYY Vodka
  • 5/7, 5/11, 5/12 - $25 Gift Card - Coke Twist-Txt-Get


vanessa joie said...

Your pups are BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to see the photos you take of London! I think I still have film on my Holga... hmm, I better check!

Maria said...

thank you :)

you a holga? cool! where do you process your film at?