Wednesday, September 30, 2009


On Sunday night I was really craving chocolate.  Being the good boyfriend that he is, Peter took me to Wal*mart.  I was pretty grumpy throughout the day so this was a pick-me-upper.  We figured we should do some grocery shopping while we were there so I quickly wrote up a list of what to buy.

We decided to BBQ on Monday since it was Peter's day off.  We saw most of the grills on sale, but the one Peter wanted wasn't available.  He decided to hold off till the following day to check out other stores for a grill.  After practically going through the whole store and making it through check-out, we spent over an hour in there just browsing.  Not to mention, it was 1AM.  Haha.  

I was really really craving chili so once we got home, I fired up the stove and started cooking away.  Peter thought it would be good with pasta, so he cooked up some spaghetti noodles for the chili.  It was past 2AM by the time the food was ready, but it was SO worth it!  We also decided to watch "City of God."  I've been wanting to watch this movie for sooo long.  It was really late, but I'm glad we decided to watch it.  It's a good movie!  I enjoyed it :)  It was past 4AM by the time the movie finished though, so now my sleeping schedule is all screwed up!

We got up really late on Monday.  We nixed our plan to eat pho in Loveland and just BBQ.  We didn't find any other cheap grills so we headed back to Wal*mart to just buy the display grill.  Haha.  I told Peter last night to just buy it since we're going to end up coming back anyway.  When's he gonna learn I'm always right?  ;)

I started up the music and Peter got the grill going and cooked up hamburgers, beef bratwursts, and my TURKEY LEG!  I found a great deal on turkey legs at Wal*mart.  I got 3 of them in a pack for $5.50.  OMG!  Such a good deal.  I love turkey legs!  They're always SO deng expensive at the fairs/amusement parks though, so I couldn't pass this up.  We also had left over chili from the previous night!  So much food.  The doggies were going crazy when Peter would give them bits and pieces of hamburger.

After eating, I wanted to play cornhole!  Thanks to Owen & Maren, they gave their set to us before they moved to Ohio.  It was still pretty light out & it was a good opportunity to finally use our front yard for once.  We put the doggies on their leash and let them roam around the yard while we played.  It was a lot of fun!  After 3 rounds, I came out on top!  I killed him during the last game :)  Maria 2, Peter 1.  I win!  Usually the case, I must say.  Hehe.

The neighbors downstairs finally got to see how big the doggies really are.  I hope that struck fear into the kids.  I want Zeus to eat them!  Hahah.  Maybe then they'll stop banging on the walls and quit screaming bloody murder.  Those kids also taunt the dogs, so I hope they learn their lesson soon.  I just wish our dogs were aggressive in the least bit.  They're too friendly.  LOL.  

After cornhole, I'm pretty sure we laid down and ended up taking an unplanned nap.  My sleeping schedule is even further screwed!  Aaahh.  Oh well, we had a good time!

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