Sunday, September 27, 2009


Currently upgrading my Adobe DreamWeaver program from CS3 to CS4.  I've been having error boxes constantly popping up for a month now so it'll be a nice change.  Hopefully it's not too different from the previous version, but I'm sure I'll get used to it nonetheless.

I'm going to need to clear out some files on my computer soon though.  I only have 5GB left!  I don't know how that's possible since I don't have THAT many programs installed & maybe 13GB of songs?  I'm not sure.  Half my harddrive is probably photos though.  Yeah, I can guarantee that.  Haha.  Can't help it though :)

Speaking of which... I got all 225 of my photos in the mail this past week!  300 if you count the 75 I sent to my mom.  The best part... they were FREE!  Thanks to for their free shipping code ;)  All the photos were from our trip to London, so I'm pretty stoked to have them all printed & in hand.  Some things are just better when you have a physical copy.  I've already got some of the photos displayed around the house!  I also printed up duplicates of some photos for my mom & my cousin's family in London.  Need to remember to send those out to them ASAP.  I also need to get a photo album or maybe even better, a scrapbook!  I saved a bunch of the stuff we had in London.  Our plane tickets, tour tickets @ Chelsea Stadium, maps, etc!

Ok, download is done :)

I meant to make a note of it.  I've been having really weird dreams lately.  I don't normally dream in a "fantasy-like" kind of setting/plot.  Perhaps it's all of the Dragonball Z that I've been watching?  Last night's dream was pretty disgusting though.  I could see myself throwing a punch towards Peter's way in my dream, but I could also feel myself acting out the motion in REAL LIFE.  The funny thing is, I was so aware of my movements, I actually thought to myself if I should go through with & go through with throwing a punch. And I did.  It was quite amusing. I don't normally move around/talk in my sleep... so I guess I figured, why not?  Haha.  All the other dreams consist of hidden passage ways, drunken stupor with a friend, & SNAKE for breakfast for my friends & I, courtesy of my mother.  Yeah, not to sure where all of it comes from.  Hopefully tonight will bring about more dreams.  Night night.

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