Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend


I had a great dream last night.  I know I had 3 dreams, that I should remember, but the 2nd dream overshadowed the rest.  Hence, it's the one I remember most vividly.  I love how real my dreams feel sometimes.  I know this dream was a reflection of my subconscious as well.  I woke up unable to help the smile :)

Yesterday was a pretty fun, event-filled day.  Peter & I headed down to Denver to enjoy Labor Day.  Since it took us FOREVER to find FREE parking, we decided to go to the Rockies vs. Reds game first.  HAHA.  Actually, we decided to eat first since stadium food costs an arm & a leg!  I had a chili dog and fries for lunch & he got a Chicago dog.  We watched the first 3 innings in the bar while we ate.

All the Rockpile ($5) tickets were sold out, so we got the next best seats at $10 a pop.  Peter thought we were in the right seats, but I knew we were supposed to be higher, but I didn't say anything.  Hahah.  This was my first Rockies game so I was pretty pumped!  The sun was glaring, the seats were hot.  Before long, our pants were & shirts were soaked with sweat.  I KNEW I should've stayed in shorts.  By the bottom of the 7th the clouds finally made their way over, bringing temporary relief from the sun.  It was SO hot, but at least we won 4-3!

After the game, we headed towards 16th St. Mall for the Taste of Colorado.  We got ourselves some tickets and walked around.  It was $5 for 8 tickets & it was usually 2 tix for a 'Taste'.. I tried some strawberry banana gelato, bacon wrapped chicken, rum marinated grilled pork, rice pudding, crab dip (freakin` awesomely delicious!), & got myself a small shave ice. There was a lot of people there.  I can't believe the things some people wore, their make-up, & hairstyle.  HAHA.  Anyway, it was fun.  I should've got the packs of dip though, it was seriously amazing!

After that we headed out to Peter's mom's working place & brought her some stuff from London.  We picked up some Pho to-go & I got a snow honeydew melon boba! I LOVE BOBA!  It was muy delicioso :)  Once we got home we ate the Pho for dinner and watched "Rockstar."  Not too bad of a movie.

Good times.  We were soooo tired after that!  I almost slept-in past 10am today!  Hahah.

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jalene said...

wow sounds like a nice day indeed :)